Say ‘No’ to endless teacher discount lists and let us help you save money and time by finding teacher discounts for you.

Teacher Discount Finder is a free browser extension that automatically finds and notifies you of teacher only discounts as you shop online.

Our API is backed by a database of 300+ online stores & service providers that offer exclusive discounts to teachers in United States.

How It Works



We’ve created the largest database available online with over 300 online stores and service   providers that offer exclusive teacher discounts.


Teacher Discount Finder does not track any of your data and is free of ads, sponsored or affiliate links. No user information is ever gathered or stored


All 300+ teacher exclusive offers are verified for accuracy and availability by our staff. Only actively valid and verified teacher offers are included.



All discounts are updated and verified at the end of every month. New offers are added as they become available and submitted by retailers.

Offer Types



Teacher discounts that are offered by stores themselves with valid ID or verification. 100% Free.

For Members


Teacher discounts that are offered through membership services such as NEA. Requires paid membership.


If you have feedback or suggestions regarding Teacher Discount Finder, please contact us & let us know.