about dealaid

Welcome to DealAid where every shopping experience is accompanied by a Do Good motto. Through our charity and business partnerships we are not only able to raise money for amazing causes but also make online shoppers feel like they are making a difference with access to exclusive coupons and deals from over 10,000 popular retailers. 

This process is made extremely simple via algorithm that randomly generates five different causes that users can select from and pick as their charity of choice. We do not favor big charities over small and every cause is given equal opportunity to raise funds and awareness. Users are also given the choice to search for their favorite charity and select it.




We value every online shopper that  uses our platform and strive to offer the largest and most enticing discounts available online. We also make it super easy for users to pick a cause they like and have us donate to that cause automatically when shopping online.

Nonprofit Organizations

We recognize that every cause is important and every nonprofit organization deserves the opportunity to further increase its impact by raising funds. With our automated solution, non profits can easily raise additional funds and gain extra exposure.

retail stores


We understand that every online retailer is looking to increase its customer base and further improve its customers’ experience. By partnering with DealAid, online retailers are able to further promote their brand alongside amazing causes and inspiring stories.



Transparency is a foremost value within our organization which is prioritized in all internal and external operations.


Each member of our organization is held accountable for the providing the best user and customer experience.


We pride ourselves on creating new innovative ways to help users save and charities raise more money.


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Our team is comprised of individuals from various education and professional backgrounds which includes business, healthcare, non-profit and technology.


Combined, our organization has over 40 years of comparison shopping and non profit experience as well as exposure to markets outside of North America.


We value cultural, religious and ideological diversity in our organization and it’s reflected in the vast diversity present in our team.