As a rule, the best way to approach choosing a watch is to find one that suits you rather than looking at the price tag. This is a much wiser way to go about finding a watch that will be specifically what you’re hoping for.

There are a vast multitude of styles, brands, models of watches to choose from on the market and there are over a billion sold every year. It is suggested that those searching for a watch should base their selection on functionality, design, features with pricing coming in last.



A simple and stylish choice that will go well with formal wear. Generally dress watches are rather understated and tend to be charming as opposed to being large in size or gaudy.


These date back to WWI and still offer a military vibe with durability but modern functionality and style. Many brands offer these in limited styles and types.


These are sporty, durable and athletic looking typically having rubber or leather bands and bigger dials with multiple features and displays.


Also known as a pilot watch, they are without a distinct style but vary vastly as far as features go. They typically include chronographs and date displays.

Things To Consider


When buying a watch, you may want to think about the contents of your wardrobe as a factor in the purchase. For more nighttime specific use, silver or titanium is a good choice and works well with shades of blue, grey or black. As for daytime, gold tends to be a better choice and mixes well in with greens, greys or browns.


It is essential to see how the watch measures up against the size of your wrist and hand. If you get a watch that is too large, it will come off as being too flashy whereas one that is too small will look like it came from a cracker jack box.

Generally speaking for those with a wrist that has a circumference of less than 7 inches, your case diameter should range between 38-42mm in width. For those with bigger wrists, faces of 43mm+ are recommended.


Set up budget and determine the price range that you intend to stay within. If you can afford a luxury watch and want one, buy it. If you need something durable, functional, that can withstand rough use, buy that. Ultimately, you shouldn’t feel that you have to buy a watch inside a certain price range.