waching machine

Washing machines need a replacement about every 10 years and if you are looking to replace yours, here are some tips to help you pick the best option.

Things To Consider

Most Washing Machines Are 27 Inches Wide

The average washing machine is 27 inches wide, but there are larger washing machine options with higher capacities that are two, three, and sometimes four inches wider.

How Many Towels Can Your Machines Hold

Great washing machines can handle between 21 and 24 full-size bath towels.

Consider Your Location

Washing machines in the basement are out-of-the-way and less noisy, but aren’t as convenient as washing machines in a centrally located walk-in closet.

Washing Machine Prices Vary Greatly

It’s possible to pick up great washing machines at prices between $400 and $2000. Prices depend mostly on special features.

Picking The Right Model

Top Loading Washing Machines

Usually less expensive than other options, agitator washing machines are gentle on fabrics, usually use less water, and have larger capacities. They usually don’t have the same bells and whistles as frontloading washing machines, however.

Front Loading Washing Machines

More expensive but usually more capable and with more specialty features, frontloading washers use less water, spin faster, and cut down on drying time.

Features To Look For

Automatic Detergent And Softener Dispensers

This feature automatically dispenses detergent, bleach, and fabric softener at the right time to improve laundry efficiency.

Extra Rinse Cycles

Frontloading machines and high-efficiency top loading machines consume less water. An extra rinse cycle can remove stubborn messes that were left behind because of this focus on efficiency.

Automatic Temperature Control Settings

These settings automatically adjust water temperature for the perfect cleaning conditions.

Stainless Steel Construction

A stainless steel washing machine drum will boost the lifespan of your washing machine significantly.

Best Brands


A lot like LG, this company combines modern design aesthetics with premium features and offers washing machines at higher price tags.


This company offers a wide range of washing machines in all configurations at prices that are very affordable.


Sold exclusively through Sears, these are relatively inexpensive washing machines that have a reputation for durability.


The washing machine sold by this company are mid to high-end products and command higher price tags.

General Electric

This appliance company makes washing machines at every price point and with some of the most popular bells and whistles.