If your home is need of a new vacuum, the market is full of different options that can be right for you. We compiled a bunch of tips that will help you pick the best vacuum for your home.

Things To Consider

Checking The Features

Motorized brushes tend to be better at cleaning carpets.


While a bag-less vacuum cleaner can help you to save money on the bags, you will have to replace your filter more often.


Your vacuum cleaner should not require any form of ear protection.


Even with online orders, you will want to visit a physical retailer to try out the product for yourself.

Picking The Right Type


While these models tend to be cheaper, some may find the task of pushing and pulling these models to be annoying.


These battery-powered models tend to offer a lightweight, convenient option, but they tend to offer poor performance with carpeted floors.


These units can do the cleaning while you relax, but they can’t clean everything.


These models are ideal for cleaning bare floors and beneath furniture, but these models tend to be bulkier than your other options.

Hand Held

These small electrical models are ideal for small jobs, but can prove to be pretty useful for larger cleaning projects.


While easier to use than canister vacuums, these units can be a little expensive.

Features To Look For


SPECIAL brushes/attachments can help you with difficult cleaning tasks, but don’t pay for things you’ll never use.


Keep in mind that filters tend to cost more to replace than bags.

Bare Floor Option

Look for vacuums that come with bare floor options.

Cord Controls

This feature allows you to rewind cords with slight tugs or easy-to-use buttons.

Carpet Pile Height Controls

This useful feature allows you to adjust the height of the brush.

Brush Agitators

This roller eliminates dirt and similar elements, and models that offer switches for this feature can help you to avoid tangling things up in your roller.

Best Brands


Prices range from 60 to 250 dollars, and you can find them through most retailers.

Dirt Devil

These models are both affordable and convenient.


Unique styles and innovative features are two hallmarks of this brand.


This well-known brand offers a range of uprights at a range of prices.


You can find these units in prices ranging from three hundred and one thousand dollars.