There are a ton of different options for TVs such as OLED TVs, Ultra HD, 4K, 8K and others. Choosing your ideal TV will likely come down to deciding on what your budget and needs are. Here are some tips to help you out.

Sizes & Pricing

32-39 inch TV


46-52-inch TV


60-75 Inch TV


39-43-inch TV


55-59-inch TV


75+ Inch Tv


Feature Consideration

1080p TV

These TVs will be fine for most consumers, and you can enjoy the full benefits of a 1080p TV across a wide variety of screen sizes.

Streaming Media Player

These add-ons for TVs have become extremely popular, even with those who already have a smart TV.

Ultra HD

UHDs can give you the best picture quality to be found anywhere, but you may find things a bit lacking on the smaller screen sizes.

Smart TV

With a smart TV, you can take advantage of streaming video sites, full browsers, and support for casual games.

Best Brands


This brand features a massive assortment of TV that are highly rates.


One of the most popular brands on the planet, Sony offers a ton of possibilities to consider.


You can find TVs to match virtually any budget or interest.


This brand specializes in budget-friendly models.


In addition to the revolutionary OLED TVs, this high-end brand offers a variety of models.