teeth brush

There are a lot of toothbrushes to pick and choose from. Make sure to find one that helps you brush correctly and takes care of your oral health. Here are some tips to help you pick the best toothbrush for you.

Things To Consider

Who Needs Power Toothbrushes?

Seniors, those with arthritis, and folks with less dexterity should look into purchasing powered toothbrush options.

Plaque Will Cause Significant Damage

With improper brushing techniques you’re going to miss plaque, and that’s going to lead to gum disease and cavities.

Most People Brush Incorrectly

The overwhelming majority of people brush their teeth incorrectly. Just scrubbing your brush around doesn’t get the job done.

Brushing Every Other Day Is Okay

It takes 24 hours for plaque to form on your teeth. Though not recommended, you can get away with brushing every other day.

Picking The Right Model

Manual Brushes Require Solid Technique

Angle the brush at a 45° slope against your gums and move back and forth across all of your teeth gently.

Electric Toothbrushes Are Easy To Use

With an electronic toothbrush all you have to do is move the brush around to hit every two. It does everything else for you.

Features To Look For In Electric Toothbrushes

Electric Toothbrushes Do Everything

The good electric toothbrush options are going to swirl around your teeth at the right angle, hitting every corner of your teeth to scrub bacteria and plaque.

Thin Brushes Are Easier To Hold

Unsurprisingly, thinner electric toothbrushes are regarded as more comfortable to hold over extended amounts of time.

Electric Toothbrushes Are Expensive

Most electric toothbrush options run between $15 and $150. Many have rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to worry about that expense either.

Comfort is King

When purchasing and electric toothbrush be sure to find one that is comfortable. You won’t use a highly rated toothbrush if it isn’t comfortable to use on a daily basis.

A Few Tips

Use Quality Toothpaste

Your brush is going to do a lot of the heavy lifting, but you need a quality toothpaste to help you out.

Don’t Forget Your Tongue

Brush your teeth, but also brush your gums, the goals of your mouth, and your tongue. It’s a bacteria trap!

Brush Twice Daily

You want to brush once in the morning and once at night for two minutes at a time. Rinse with mouthwash at least once a night.