Ever wonder what is the perfect thing to buy on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or even Thanksgiving? We created the ultimate guide to help you buy the right things during special sale events.

Black Friday


Black Friday can be a great time to save on select tablets, particularly used/refurbished/cheaper models.


If you’re not particularly obsessed with high-end models, you can score big on TV savings.

DVDs and Video Games

DVDs and console/game bundles are huge sellers on Black Friday, and with good reason.

Home Goods

Cookware and kitchen electronics are just a couple of your Black Friday possibilities.


If your Christmas shopping list features kids, Black Friday is one of your ideal dates for incredible discounts on toys.

Garden Items

If you need some power gardening tools, your best bet might be the day after Thanksgiving.


If you’ve been putting off buying winter clothing, this might be the day to finally make some purchases.


This can prove to be an ideal deal for used/older/refurbished models.

Tool Sets/Storage

Black Friday is great for some tools, but in terms of tool sets and/or tool storage items, it might be better to wait for spring.


Wait for the “white sales”, which typically occur in January.


At this point, you should already have your decorations for the coming holidays, so unless you need something now, it’s best to wait until after the holidays.

Airline Tickets/Vacation Packages

People still have money to burn during the holidays, and airlines/travel companies know that, so they generally wait until January for deals worth exploring.


Studies indicate that November is the absolute worst month to purchase these things, and that includes Black Friday.

Luxury Items

Most luxury item retailers/manufacturers maintain their usual prices through Black Friday.

Digital Cameras

You can get some pretty good deals on camera during Black Friday, but you can get even better deals in just a few months, so you may want to wait.


Yes, you can get a good Black Friday deal on a smartphone, but the truth of the matter is that you can continue to enjoy those savings well into December.

Cyber Monday


In a broad sense, Cyber Monday is going to be your best bet to hit up your favorite retailers, as you are more likely to see store-wide savings, rather than product-specific savings.


Believe it or not, but you can score some really big deals on apps during Cyber Monday.


In particular, games you can purchase and download online tend to see some major discounts for Cyber Monday. The games you can buy on Steam is a good example of what we are talking about.


Travel deals on Cyber Monday tend to be lackluster, but you can potentially score some hotel discounts.


Cyber Monday can prove to be a good day to grab a deal on certain clothing items.


Several retailers are going to look to clean up on Cyber Monday.


Surprisingly, Cyber Monday just might be one of the best days of the year for a discount on beauty items.


Yes, you can get deals on TVs on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. However, if you’re eager for the high-end models, this time period in general is likely to frustrate you.


Black Friday is quite frankly the best time in this period to score big on appliances and similar home goods.


Once again, the better deals for laptops are going to be found on Black Friday.


In general, you should probably wait until January or February to get anything within this particular category.


You can come across some “deal” in this category for Cyber Monday, but you will find much, much better deals for vacations/airline tickets in January.


We already suggested avoiding TV purchases on Black Friday, depending on what you want. The same thought can be extended towards cameras, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The deals on all of these things tend to drop sharply between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Credit Cards

Banks and retailers that offer credit cards know what’s coming, in terms of shopping from Black Friday, to the end of the year, which makes Thanksgiving an ideal day to get that new credit card.


Certain retailers like to use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to get the ball rolling on the upcoming Black Friday deals for select electronics.


Another example of items that may go up for discounts/sales on Thanksgiving, as a means of getting people ready for more on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.


Black Friday is actually a little better than Thanksgiving, in terms of buying a new car or truck, but Thanksgiving is still worth checking out.


In broad terms, you’re going to find many retailers rolling out one or several of their top doorbuster deals on Thanksgiving, if only as part of a larger Black Friday spectacular. Even so, skipping out on the Turkey can lead to big savings.

Certain Electronics

Wait until Black Friday for things like headphones, iPhones, and speakers.


Cyber Monday might be your best bet for a good deal during this period.


Another category in which you may just want to wait until Cyber Monday, or at some other point during the holidays.

Video Games

Actually, you can get some pretty good deals on video games during Thanksgiving. That being said, you can generally get even better deals, particularly on bundles that combine consoles with one or more games, on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


As it turns out, Cyber Monday is your best time to grab some clothing bargains.


Thanksgiving might have your hookup, but your bets are to wait for Black Friday, or better yet, Cyber Monday.


Gag/Humorous Gifts

Silly books, gag gifts, and similar items can be found in a variety of locations, and the discounts on these items over the holidays tends to be on the sweet side of things.

Health Products

While gym memberships are best purchased after the holidays, there are a variety of health products that are on sale all throughout the Christmas season.

Kitchen Appliances

This possibility can vary from one idea to the next, with some items being things you should wait until later to buy. Still, there are a variety of small kitchen appliances that are almost always a smart purchase at Christmas.


From educational items, to stuff that’s just plain fun, there are quite a few sales/discounts/offers on toys when Christmas rolls around.

Video Games

Your best bet in this arena will usually come in the form of bundles, which combine consoles with particularly popular games.


Whether you shop online, or hit a major brick-and-mortar book store, you can always find some amazing deals on books during the Christmas season.


While this possibility is pretty dependent on what you want to buy, there are definitely a wide variety of opportunities out there for those who have a lot of shirts and socks to buy during Christmas.

Curved TVs

When it comes to this particular trend, the only time you really want to consider buying one of these is if you are serious about getting the biggest screen size possible.

Fitness Bands

While smartwatches are a bit more expensive than fitness bands, the truth of the matter is that in the end, a good smartwatch is going to provide a better value than a fitness band.

Set-top Boxes

If you’re looking to buy one of these for Christmas, a stick can prove to not only be more affordable than a set-top box, but it also gives you the essentials.

Newer Phones

No one’s saying you shouldn’t buy the latest smartphone for Christmas. However, if you’re trying to save money, the better deal might be on slightly older models.

Prime Day

Amazon Merchandise

Not surprisingly, Amazon’s Prime Day is going to be a great opportunity to score huge savings on Amazon products like the Amazon Kindle 6 Inch, the Fire TV stick, or the Fire HD 7 Inch Tablet.


At the same time, Amazon also wants you to take advantage of the chance to save a great deal of money on other electronics during Prime Day. This could be a great time to get the laptop/PC of your choice, regardless of what you may ultimately need.

Video Games

This is a good opportunity to save on not only bundles (which combine hot titles with the consoles), but on specific games for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo WII U.


A number of action cameras and compact digital cameras are going to be up for sale on this occasion.


Sony, LG, and Phillips are just a few of the brands you can potentially find bargains for on Prime Day.


Audiophiles may want to take note of possible deals on Prime Day.

Kitchen Products

Top brands like KitchenAid and Cuisinart are known for offering major deals on Prime Day.


Prime Day has been met with considerable criticism from certain individuals. Some believe that Amazon’s desire to have a sales event that’s bigger and better than anything Black Friday can drum up is hampered considerably by the reality that many of Amazon’s top sellers are not part of the festivities.

Stuff You Don’t Need

This may sound like odd advice, but honestly, a lot of Prime Day’s deals are either impulse buys, or products that are only going to appeal to certain types of people. Don’t get sucked into the hype.