Have you ever tried to buy someone that perfect gift but struggled to do so? We can help. Here is the ultimate list of gifts to buy and stay away from for any occasion.


Gift Cards

Gift cards get a bad rep as birthday gifts. Why? If you’re worried about a gift card being too impersonal, then pair it up with a thoughtful card with a handwritten inscription.


Whether you’re shopping for a tween, or perhaps someone a bit older, makeup can be a great gift for a birthday. If you like the idea, but you’re not sure what to get, consider a gift certificate.

Sports Gear

Kids of all ages (not to mention adults) love getting apparel and equipment for whatever sport they happen to be playing.


From a fitness band, to a smartwatch, to a new smartphone, all the way up to consoles, Blu-ray players, and even TVs, electronics always provide a steady source of gift ideas.

Subscription Boxes

Want to give someone a year-round gift? You can find subscription boxes for almost any interest these days.

Extravagant Gifts

Big-ticket birthday gifts are really only ideal for relationships in which such purchases make sense. Buying a major birthday gift for a casual friend might just make them uncomfortable for one reason or another.

Unless You’re Absolutely Sure

Assumptions can steer you wrong, when it comes to birthday gifts, so make sure you have a lot of confidence in a specific item. If all else fails, consider a gift card.

Specific Food Items

Again, this is another gift idea that can backfire. Unless you know for sure that your friend likes wine, cheese, or anything else, you may wind up getting something that conflicts with allergies/religious beliefs/etc.



Set up the newlyweds with a complete collection of dinnerware for parties, get-togethers, and cozy home events to come.

French Press

For a delicious morning pick me up, a brand new French press can work wonders for a new couple.

Marble Edge Serving Boards

This serves a very good purpose in any couple’s kitchen, and doubles as a serving surface for easy and convenient meal prep.

Wine Boxes

Encourage the couple to spend some quiet time together with a wine box to keep their favorite ones in.


Make movie night even more enjoyable with a high quality set of speakers fit for their space.


One of the things that many couples forget to buy is silverware. Make sure they’ve got all the utensils they need with a brand new set.


Neutral throws and sheets will add a decorative touch to the new couple’s living room or bedroom, and will serve a worthy purpose to keep furniture clean at all times.


Some couples might think a certain amount of cash is enough, others might think it’s too little. Play it safe with a gift instead unless they tell you they want cash.

Things That Aren’t on the Registry

Unless your 100% certain that the gift you’re buying is something they want/need even if it’s not on the registry, you would be much better off selecting an item that the couple specified.

Dollar Store Items

As a general rule, wedding gifts have to be at least $50 in value. Don’t cheap out with items that cost less to save yourself the embarrassment of having it break on the first use.

Items That Expire

The couple might not be able to visit the spa, movie house, or that hotel resort by the time the gift cards expire. Look for something you’re sure they can use without worry of expiration.

Mother's Day


You can never go wrong with a set of earrings, and a pair in her favorite metallic tone will make the perfect addition to her growing jewelry collection.

Cheese Cutters

Yet another useful, however decorative, kitchen piece to sit pretty on her kitchen countertop.

Grocery Totes

Help mom stay stylish even on her way to the grocery store with a fun graphic design tote big enough for all her purchases.


Nothing helps to unwind better than a pleasant smelling candle, and who deserves to relax more than your own mom?

Tumbler Sets

A mother can just never have too many tumbler sets, and a new one with artsy, colorful, and vibrant designs will be sure to make her day.

Air Plant Terrarium Kits

For moms who love gardening, this kit comes complete with a hanging terrarium, rocks, moss, care instructions, and a coupon to claim a free plant.

Paloma Trays

Ideal for serving mom her mother’s day breakfast in bed, and also an artful addition to her growing collection of kitchen wares.

Earth-In Canteens

Perfect for keeping fresh flowers or kitchen ingredients, the Earth-In Canteen comes in various colors making them suitable for any desk or kitchen table.


Generally, it’s inappropriate for a child to give money to her mother. Think of other ways you can use it, like taking her out on a dinner date or accompanying her on a shopping spree.

Tickets to a Concert or Show

Unless you’re certain she wants to see a show, try not to get her tickets to something that might end up boring her.

Self Help Books

This sends all the wrong signals. Don’t give her a book that teaches her to be better at something you know she’s already good at. Cook books and crafts books are a much better choice.

Solo Framed Photos

Make it less about you and more about mom. Opt for a complete family photo, or of all of her children instead of a solo photo of yourself and mom.

Gym Memberships

Do not give her any membership unless you're sure she wants one especially do not gift her an unsolicited gym membership.

Father's Day


Help dad keep track of time and stay stylish with a brand new wristwatch with a classy leather strap.

Iced Coffee Makers

Ideal for chilling coffee, wine, whiskey, and any other beverage without watering down the flavour.

Dollar Shave Clubs

Send shaving kits and grooming products directly to your dad’s doorstep every month for just a few dollars.

Activity Trackers

Tracks sleep patterns and activity intensity to help the user make the appropriate adjustments in order to make the most of their rest and workouts.


Premium colognes can help keep your dad feeling fresh and clean throughout the day.

Whiskey Sets

Perfect for display in his work area or library, and makes late night pick-me ups even more enjoyable.

Cigar Samplers

Usually comes in a set of 8, a cigar sampler gives a taste of the different available cigar flavours for smoking enthusiasts.

Swiss Army Knives

Ideal multi-tool perfect for dads who like the outdoors, or who always find themselves in situations that require quick fixes.


SPECIAL eyewear products make it possible for users to achieve a stylish look and protect their eyes from harmful UV rays for optimum eye health.

Power Tools

These can be tricky to operate, and might seem unnecessary especially if he has good enough tools in his arsenal.


Men aren’t quite as meticulous when it comes to the scents in their room, so avoid buying man candles that could end up collecting dust in his closet.

Grill Aprons

This sends the wrong signals, and might just force your dad to fire up the grill for father’s day when he was hoping to sit back and relax instead.

Concert/Show Tickets

Unless he’s been talking about the show, try not to get him tickets to see anything that he might not actually be interested in.

Tech Toys

Some tech toys can be very impractical, so try to figure out what your dad might need them for before you make a purchase.

Solo Dates

Don’t let dad spend father’s day alone by telling him to take the day off. Instead, opt to spend the day with him.

Valentine's Day For Her

Romance Novel

Not just any novel. Certain services on the web will allow you to enter your name into storylines of your choice and will even print the copy in soft or hard cover to be delivered to your door on the big day.

Message in a Bottle

Online services let men and women create their very own custom message in a bottle to be sent to anyone, anywhere around the world.

Gift Certificates for a Spa Treatment

Pamper your special lady with a date to her favorite spa.


Can't go wrong with jewelry as long as it's not too cheap. Be prepared to spend at least $80.


Keep track of all the little things she tells you that she wants to do and take her to art, yoga, or other classes to things that she wants to learn.

Something That You Want Too

It’s about pleasing her, and not buying her something so you can both enjoy that thing that you like. Think about her likes when buying a gift and try not to buy something that’s secretly for you.

Something a Little Too Committed

If you’re not there yet, don’t try to push it. Buying something that cements your relationship like an expensive piece of furniture or an appliance might send the wrong signals.

Something Too Expensive

A weekend getaway might sound appealing, but if you’re just not all that sure about each other yet, wait a few years before you buy tickets. The last thing you want is to spend an entire weekend abroad with someone who’ll ditch you as soon as you get back.


They might seem like a V-Day staple, but flowers can be very embarrassing especially when received in a public place. Save it for a more intimate date, and try not to be too predictable by throwing something else into the mix.

Valentine's Day For Him

Scotch Sampler

Give him the chance to enjoy different kinds of his favorite alcoholic drink with a scotch sampler.

Men’s Grooming Kit

Keep him looking clean and dapper with a men’s grooming kit, complete with cologne, pomade, shaving cream, deodorant, and body wash.

Bottle Opener

Put an end to the constant searching for the bottle opener with a magnetic version perfect for his fridge door.

Money Clip

For the man who doesn’t want a bulky wallet in his back pocket but doesn’t want his cash going all over the place, a classy money clip will be sure to keep his bills in place.

Briefcase Barbeque

For guys who love the outdoors, this briefcase barbeque can be brought along on any camping trip.

Couples Photo in a Frame

Men generally don’t appreciate something as cheesy as this. Try instead to give him exclusive sexy photos of you.


This is usually reserved for women, so guys tend to get confused when gifted flowers.


He’s probably received lots of underwear gifts in the past. Try to mix things up and find something else.

Teddy Bears

Men don’t like stuffed animals quite as much as women do.

Clothes in a Style You Like

If it satisfies your taste for style but doesn’t meet his own personal preference, you’re probably better off getting him something else.


QR Codes for Wifi

Cool, convenient, and simple, a QR code makes it easy for them to invite guests to connect to their WiFi.

Chopping Boards

A natural wooden board won’t only add a decorative touch to the kitchen, but will also serve a worthy purpose for many dinners to come.

Decorative Fire Extinguishers

Turn this household essential into a conversation starter by buying them an extinguisher in a stylish paint job.

Personalized Gift Baskets

Think of what your recipient wants or needs, and put together a personalized gift basket of baking needs, barbeque essentials, or even pet necessities and give this as a clever housewarming gift.

Barware Collection

Equip the new house with all the barware it needs to host the best dinners with family and friends.


Works as the best indoor decorative plant ecosystem that will fit any interior aesthetic.

Candle Collections

Buy a set of scented candles to be placed in each room for a cozy, warm indoor feel.

Bottle Openers

What better way to cap off the festivities than with a sturdy bottle opener that they can keep for all the next parties they’ll throw.

Alarm Clocks

Cute as a novelty item, but often left to collect dust. Your recipient probably uses a smartphone for that function anyway.

Decorative Dolls

Unless your friend is known to collect dolls, getting them one as a housewarming gift might seem a little creepy.

Tasteless Art

Always consider whether your recipient would like to hang the art you got for them on their wall. If you’re unsure of their style, opt for something a little less risky.

Stuffed Head of Animals

Taxidermy might not be their choice of décor. Try to buy something a little more neutral, like a set of decorative plates or a wall clock.

Face Towels

Instead, try to purchase a set of towels in a sophisticated and decorative design that they can proudly display and use.

Bridal Showers


If they’ve been saving themselves for marriage, a sexy piece of lingerie should ignite their first night together. If they’ve been at it before, this sexy undergarment would still serve a worthy purpose.


The best appliances to buy for a newly married couple are those that can be conveniently placed on a countertop and serve an essential purpose in any kitchen.

Picture Frames

They’re going to have photos printed after the event, so make sure they have something to place those in.

Blankets, Sheets, Pillowcases

Consider the style and aesthetic of their home and match your choices with their preference.

Spa Gift Certificates

Help the newlyweds unwind and relax with a couples massage at their favorite spa.

Wine Membership

Sign them up to receive a wine package in the mail every month to expand their knowledge on the different wines available.


This saves them the need to buy bags for their honeymoon and could even be used for their future travels.


Unless you get the type that can be propagated and grown in her own garden, getting flowers for the bride seems a little inappropriate.

Things That Aren’t in the Registry

85% of brides want gifts that are available in their registry, so buying one that’s not listed might be a big gamble.

Something Cheap

Generally speaking, gifts for bridal showers should cost at least $50. Don’t cheap out by splurging at the dollar store.


What might look good for you might not be aesthetically appealing for others. Unless you’re certain of her interior decorating preferences, try not to buy paintings or other wall décor.

Tickets to Get Away

It might seem nice to have one last day as single ladies with the bride, but if it prompts her to leave prematurely while her wedding plans are underway, it might not be the best idea.

Baby Showers

Travelling Cribs

A diaper bag that converts easily into a small sleeping surface for mommies on the go.

Changing Mats

Provides a safe, clean surface to change nappies and several pockets for all diaper changing essentials.

Stroller Storage

Add a few extra pockets along the handles of a stroller to make it easy for parents to push their baby around with all their essentials in an easily accessible place.

Portable Baby Food Makers

Turn fruits and vegetables into the right consistency for baby’s consumption with a portable mill.

Diaper Bags

A stylish diaper bag will carry around all of baby’s essentials and still match mommy’s outfit no matter the occasion.

Clothing Sets

Get a set of clothes for baby’s first few weeks, and make sure they’re made of premium cotton to avoid skin rashes and irritation.

Car Seats

A car seat provides a safe, comfortable place for baby while giving mommy and daddy the reassurance that they can drive without having to worry about the little one.

Baby Carriers

Because carrying a baby for prolonged hours can cause back and arm pain, a baby carrier has become the most common baby shower gift to date.


Someone’s probably already given the mom-to-be a ton of these, try to get more creative with something else.

Fancy Baby Clothes

These can be hard to put on a baby and are almost always uncomfortable for little ones to wear.

Gift Certificates

A spa date for mommy and daddy might seem nice, but if it expires in a few months, they might not be able to claim it with all the baby things they need to get done.

Seasonal Items

We can’t be sure if baby will fit into those clothes by the time that season comes around, so buy something she can use now.

Breastfeeding Supplies

Some mothers prefer using formula, so don’t splurge on feeding supplies that she might not use.