best month to buy it

Ever wonder when is the perfect time to buy something? Well, we have the answers. Here is your ultimate guide to knowing what to buy and not to buy every month of the year.


Fitness Equipment

Major retailers like Sears and Target are prone to offering huge discounts on a range of fitness equipment.

Winter Clothes

The period right after Christmas can prove to be a great opportunity to take advantage of the bloated winter clothing inventory most stores are dealing with.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

While it’s true that Valentine’s Day is over a month away from the start of January, it’s also true that numerous retailers offer great discounts for shoppers who know what to get early on.

Christmas Decorations

Believe it or not, but January is a great time to get decorations for next Christmas.


For over a century and change, January has traditionally been a great month to score major deals on linen/bedding.


A lot of people make purchases in this arena during the holidays, which can mean some big deals/offers in January.


A lot of people make purchases in this arena during the holidays, which can mean some big deals/offers in January.

Grills/Air Conditioners

If you can find these products in January, take advantage of what will likely be some major savings.


March and April are optimal times to buy new luggage, as these are the months anticipating the summer season, when a lot of people go on vacation.

Patio Furniture

Some experts believe Memorial Day is the best time to get good deals on patio furniture.


December is a big month for jewelry sales, with prices returning to normal by January.

Small Appliances

Items like coffee makers and microwaves can go on sale in late January, but it might be smarter to wait until February.

Winter Sports Gear

Sports gear for winter might experience a slight sale in January, but waiting until the season officially ends in March/April is smarter.


Some people will tell you that February is the best time to get a new mattress, or any other piece of furniture.


Clothes, Home Goods, And Furniture

Presidents’ Day is a very popular shopping day and it’s not uncommon for customers to save upwards of 85% or more off of clothes, home goods, and furniture.

Tax Software

With tax season right around the corner customers can purchase tax software at a significantly discounted rate in February.

Winter Sporting Goods

February is Super Bowl season and retailers (online as well as off) offer deep discounts on their TVs and entertainment centers.

Broadway Shows

February is the off-season as far as Broadway is concerned and tickets are on sale across the board.

Last Season’s Cell Phones

Because new smart phones are released in the spring February is the perfect time to purchase older version cell phones at 50% off or more.

Travel Packages

There aren’t a lot of people that travel during February so you’ll have the chance to grab a luxury vacation for next to nothing.

New Computers

The beginning of the year is when most manufacturers release new computers that are very much “entry-level” machines. The more powerful computers release more towards the fall. Buy them then.


The best time to purchase brand-new luggage is in the summertime when prices are at their lowest. Buy them in February and you’ll pay a premium.

Small Electronics

The lead up to the holiday season is when you want to purchase most of you are small electronics. November is prime time for purchasing small electronics.


New refrigerators are going to be rolled out every spring and that’s when you’ll see the biggest discounts on the older versions. Unless absolutely necessary hold off for a little while so that you can save big time when the new models drop.


The best time to purchase a brand-new mattress is later in the year when furniture stores are clearing out merchandise. Memorial Day and Labor Day sales are right for the pickings.


Frozen Foods

Considered National Frozen Foods Month, March moves retailers to mark down frozen food prices and offer coupons.


Because travel increases during spring and summer, retailers put luggage on sale to encourage shoppers to buy.

Golf Clubs

Spring marks the start of a new season, so last year’s clubs are set to be put on sale.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are hot and on demand during the spring and summer seasons, so some retailers offer them at low deals.


All the surplus chocolate that wasn’t sold during Valentine’s day will be marked down this month.

Intel Laptops

Cheap deals abound with some well-known brands peddling their Intel laptops at just $500 a piece.

Silverware and China

To make room for wedding season, retailers put their older China stocks up on sale.

Computer Monitors

It’s the time of year when retailers clear out old stocks and put previous models on sale to empty out for newer ones.


Sure, prices might seem cheaper now, but wait to buy lingerie in June when big brands in the industry set their sales.

Games and Consoles

While sales might be declining since the holidays ended, they’re not quite low enough to prompt bigger discounts.

Spring Apparel

The best time to buy season clothing is two to three months after they’ve been released. They’d be cheaper then and there would be more options.

Smart Phones

New refrigerators are going to be rolled out every spring and that’s when you’ll see the biggest discounts on the older versions. Unless absolutely necessary hold off for a little while so that you can save big time when the new models drop.

Gym Memberships

Gyms still aren’t struggling to get clients especially that lots of people are still hot on their New Year’s resolutions.



April is a great time to purchase a brand-new watch, except for the smart watches coming from Apple. They are timepieces have just recently been released in April traditionally and the prices will be sky high.

Android Smartphones

The overwhelming majority of flagship Android smartphones are going to be released in the month of April. This is the time to upgrade your phone if you’ve been holding out for a new one.

Vacation Packages to the Caribbean

April is a great month to lock up fantastic deals on vacation packages to the Caribbean. This is the beginning of the traditional off-season, and the deals are significant.


Cruise prices hit rock bottom in the beginning of spring, and April is a fantastic time to get hot deals on cool cruises.


According to the experts at Bankrate, springtime is the best time to purchase a brand-new house. Prices won’t be as low as they are in the winter but you’ll have a better chance to get a look at the property when all the snows gone.

Graduation Gifts

As we creep closer and closer to graduation season these kinds of products are going to go on sale. Digital cameras, cookware, small electronics, vacuum cleaners, and a host of other products will be on sale.


It might not be the perfect temperature for outdoor cooking, but it’s close enough. Gas and charcoal grills will go on sale in April.

Apple Products

Apple launches their major products in early summer and late fall. Now’s definitely not the time to purchase these phones, tablets, and computers.


You’ll want to wait until Memorial Day to land a new mattress. That’s when the deals will be the most significant.

Bedding and Linens

You’ll want to stay away from these products for the same reason as above.

Tools and Appliances

Spring cleaning may be in full effect but you might not be able to get the best deals on these tools or appliances until Black Friday rolls around.


Low powered computers are going to go on sale in the spring, but high-end computers (the ones worth owning) go on sale right before back to school season starts.

Summer Clothes

Spring season is going to be in right now, but some collections will have released their summer lineup already. Wait until the end of spring to grab these clothes at a better price.


Spring Clothing Collections

Spring is in the air, and you’ll find great deals on Spring clothing collections as retailers get ready to roll out there somewhere up arrow in the lead up to Memorial Day.

Mother’s Day Gifts

Traditional Mother’s Day gifts (including jewelry and flowers) are going to be on sale leading up to this major holiday.

Home Goods Deals

According to industry sources, 27% of all Memorial Day weekend sales were of the “home goods” variety.


Memorial Day happens to be the best time of year to purchase a new bed and bedclothes to go with it. It’s not uncommon to find deals good for up to 50% off or more.

Fitness Center Memberships

New Year’s Eve resolution crowds have died down significantly, and fitness centers are looking to boost their budgets and bank accounts. They offer great deals to entice people to sign up.

Vacuum Cleaners

Spring cleaning just wouldn’t be the same without a brand-new vacuum cleaner.

Refrigerators And Cookware

With the graduation season getting closer and closer and with a lot of people on the move these two kinds of products are deeply discounted.

Netflix And Other Streaming Services

Traditionally Netflix and Amazon have bumped up their prices in the month of May. These prices have been pretty steady all year round for years, but you don’t want to take the risk and sign up this month and end up paying more.


The deals on big-screen TVs have all but dried up in the month of May. Stick to smaller sized screens and you might still be able to save a little bit, but certainly not as much as you would have between February and April.

Apple Laptops

The major product announcements from Apple are going to be made in early summer and late fall. If you can hold out until then you are a devised to do so.


Historically gas prices have shot up in the month of May before cooling back down later on in the year.

Swimming Pools

Try not to purchase a swimming pool in the month of May. You’ll end up spending a lot more money than you would have if you had planned ahead and unlocked one up in the early fall.

Home Electronics

The deals you’ll find on home electronics in the month of May will never be as good as those you’ll get in November during Black Friday.



Things are always going to get hot in the summer, and if you are looking to add a couple of fun pieces to your wardrobe (or by some lingerie for someone special to you) June is the perfect month to do exactly that. The Victoria’s Secret semiannual sale is held in June and knocks off up to 70% off of most merchandise.

Outdoor Equipment

As the weather continues to warm up people are going to look to get outdoors. Big sales are on for most every type of outdoor product imaginable.

Non-Apple Laptops

As long as you aren’t looking to purchase a new Mac you’ll have the chance to grab some pretty big savings on new computers and laptops for recent or upcoming graduates.

Home-Improvement Products

Father’s Day always welcomes big deals on home-improvement products and tools perfect for gifting.

Fitness Center Memberships

Summer isn’t an attractive season for fitness centers, at least from a profitability standpoint. Everyone wants to be outside so they’ll offer big discounts to get more people into the gym.


June is one of the slower months for cruise lines and they are almost always willing to offer the deals and discounts to entice people to take a trip. Some cruises are also “relocating” their ships to other parts of the world so you might be able to get a really exclusive deal in June.

Fishing Trips

The National Fishing and Boating Week is held between June 4 and June 12. You’ll be able to get out on the water and fish for free without a license during this week.


The best time to purchase new grills is in very early spring (we’re talking about March) or the end of summer and the beginning of fall in August and September. Resist the temptation to upgrade your barbecue in the middle of barbecuing season and you’ll save money.

Video Games

Kids these days are going to be spending a lot of their summer indoors playing video games and the game developers know that. They launch major titles just as school ends each year, and prices are at their highest point.

Summer Shoes

It’s tough to find deals on summertime shoes if you’re trying to purchase them just as the weather is starting to warm up.

Blu-Ray Players

You’ll want to try and purchase these products on Black Friday and in the lead up to the holiday season if you can afford to wait. Prices will be at least 30% lower when you hold out until much later in the year.


You are going to pay a significant premium when you purchase sunglasses when you need them most. You’ll get the best deals on sunglasses in the late winter or early spring months so try and order them then.

Big-Screen TVs

Do not purchase a big-screen TV in the summer months or you’ll end up spending close to $100 more than you would have by waiting until Black Friday.


Winter Clothing

You’ll find extreme deals on winter weather clothing right around Fourth of July. It’s not uncommon for major retailers to offer up to 70% off of winter clothing as far away from the first snowfall.

Outdoor Equipment

The Fourth of July is also a great time to purchase outdoor gear and equipment. Many of the big outdoor equipment outfitters offer holiday sales that help customers save up to 60% off.


Because summer is at its midpoint you’ll be fine deals on swimwear in July that weren’t ever going to be available in June. Deals will be even better in August, but you’ll still be able to save on bathing suits this month.

Designer Apparel from Nordstrom’s

Every year in the month of July Nordstrom’s hosts their Anniversary Sale at the end of the month. Expect to save up to 50% off of designer apparel during this deal.

Last Minute Travel

Gas prices are going to be at record lows around the Fourth of July so you’ll save money whether you’re taking a road trip or going to fly.


Some of the best deals on air-conditioners are going to happen in the month of July. Even better deals will happen in August and September, but if you need AC to beat the heat now’s the time to pull the trigger.

Golf And Baseball Equipment

These two sports are going to be winding down at the end of summer (for those in the North, anyway) so you’ll find great deals for sure.

Major Appliances

The beginning of July is a great time to purchase new major appliances. After July 14, however, it’s worth waiting until towards the end of August to save more money again.

Older Apple Devices

Not all Apple devices are going to be eligible for the next operating system upgrade. Stay away from these products or else you’ll be handicapped going forward.


Deals you’ll find on laptops in the month of July (even during back to school sales) won’t ever be as good as they are in August and September. Wait to make this kind of purchase until you get to the traditional back-to-school season or hold off even further to Black Friday for even better deals.

High-Definition Televisions

The deals and discounts on HDTV’s in the summer are almost nonexistent. You’ll definitely want to put off upgrading until much later in the year.


Summer Clothes

The end of the summer season is when you’ll want to stock up on summer clothing. You’ll find the best deals on the hottest products in the month of August.

Patio Furniture

Those that were able to resist the temptation to purchase new outdoor furniture when they needed it most as opposed to the end of the season will be able to save the most amount of money.


Just like patio furniture, the perfect time to purchase a new grill is when you need a new grill least (the end of the grilling season). Great deals on gas and charcoal grills happen during August.

Office Furniture

Back-to-school season also has a trickle-down effect on deals for office furniture.


Because new models are going to land in September and October dealers make a big push to move older product in the month of August. Wait until the end of the month and you’ll get even better deals on top of the discounts August brings to the table.


Though there is less time to actually enjoy your new swimsuit when purchased in August you’ll be able to save a lot of money for the trade-off.

Air-Conditioners And Dehumidifiers

You’ll use these products less and less as August draws to a close but you’ll have them for next season at a discount.

iPhone Upgrades

Phone companies will do everything to get you to upgrade your iPhone in August, but old off as best you can. New iPhones are going to be released just around the corner.


New tablets are going to be rolled out in the early fall and leading up to the holiday season so you don’t want to purchase old stock just before the new models are released.


Unless you purchase during one of the tax holidays mentioned above you’ll want to stay away from purchasing major appliances in the month of August. They will almost always be prohibitively expensive compared to the deals you’ll find in October and November.


The big mattress deals happened earlier this year and the next run of significant savings will happen much later, so hold off on purchasing a mattress unless absolutely necessary.



September represents the end of the traditional cycling season and that’s when new bikes are going to go on sale.


While you probably won’t find deals quite as good as the ones available on Memorial Day, Labor Day sales on mattresses come pretty close.


Major manufacturers release their biggest and best laptops in the lead up to the back to school season. Both Microsoft and Apple unveil new products in September that go on sale immediately come often times at great discounts.


Even though November is the best time to purchase appliances (large and small) September is home to some pretty significant discounts as well. Now’s a great time to upgrade if necessary, but put major purchases off till November to save even more.

Holiday Travel Packages

The best deals on flying are available eight weeks before you have to leave, so September is when you want to make your holiday travel plans and purchase the tickets and accommodations.


You likely won’t be mowing the lawn when winter rolls around so now’s the time to grab a new lawnmower for the next spring season.


Most vineyards and winemakers are going to be releasing new stuff in the middle of harvest season, so now’s the chance to stock up at great prices.

Fall Clothing

New fall clothing collections are going to be released in September and the deals won’t be that great. In fact, the prices will likely be the highest they are going to be all year in September.

iPhones and iPads

The new iPhones and iPads are right around the corner but you will want to wait until November to purchase them. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with the last year’s model with the new one released shortly after your purchase.

Videogame Systems

Definitely wait until Black Friday rolls around to purchase videogame systems. The video games themselves are sometimes discounted in September, but they too are best to purchase on Black Friday.


As the major television networks are rolling out brand-new seasons of favorite shows and brand-new shows to replace those that were canceled the prices for TVs are going to shoot through the roof. Definitely wait until between Thanksgiving and Christmas to save up to 30% or more on these kinds of purchases.

Yard Equipment

Most people are going to try and spruce up their lawn before the first snowfall, and that means prices on your equipment will be significantly higher than when snows on the ground.


Digital Cameras

Great deals on digital cameras will start in October, but even better deals are going to be available in November.


Most outdoor plants won’t make it through a harsh winter, but those with a greenhouse or indoor garden we want to pull the trigger on cheap plants to hold throughout the winter months.


Toy season is in full swing starting in the middle of October and you’ll find great deals on upcoming Christmas favorites.

Wedding Supplies

There aren’t many winter weddings (especially up north), and you’ll find deep discounts on wedding products – including venues – starting in October.


Pants that didn’t get sold during the back-to-school season rush in early September are going to be heavily discounted in the month of October. With winter weather ahead now’s the time to load up.

Camping Gear

It’s possible to find top-notch deals on high quality camping equipment when you purchase those products in October.


Now the chance to stock up on produce that is just going out of season, especially if you’re willing to can some to save it for the winter.


October is when most jewelry stores and jewelers get their largest shipments of merchandise each year. The selection is going to be high-end, but so will the prices. With Christmas right around the corner expect to pay a premium.


Definitely wait until November to purchase major appliances. You’ll pay a premium for brand-new appliances released in September and October and previous models won’t be that heavily discounted.

Small Electronics

Stay away from small consumer electronics as well. These are exactly the kinds of products that get discounted heavily when Black Friday rolls around.

Cold Weather Apparel

It’s just too early in the fall to get great deals on cold weather apparel. The wait until the temperature really starts to drop (towards the middle of November) to make these kinds of purchases.


Kitchen Products

All kinds of kitchen products, appliances, and gadgets are going to go on sale in the month of November. It’s not uncommon to save up to 60% off of these products and sometimes much more than that.

Major Appliances

November is definitely went you’ll want to upgrade all of your major appliances. Black Friday deals are of the best of the best, but all month you’ll be able to save big on these purchases.


The latest iPad has definitely been released by the time that November rolls around. You’ll be able to save on the brand-new iPad but you people to save even more on the previous generation.


Black Friday is universally regarded as “the day” to make major purchases because of the significant discounts. Deals on TVs will be just as good as those during the lead up to the Super Bowl.


Tablets running Android and Windows operating systems will also be on sale. This is when these tablets will be at their lowest price all year, so load up.

Videogame Consoles

Videogame consoles are going to be at their lowest price all year as well in anticipation for the upcoming holiday season.


Once a Halloween is over you’ll be able to purchase ALL of that Halloween themed candy at incredibly deep discounts.


Wait until December to travel if at all possible. The Thanksgiving weekend is the most expensive weekend for travel in the country.

Engagement Rings

A lot of people get engaged over the holidays. Wait until after November and December have passed to make your purchase and you can save up to 20% off.

Holiday Collectibles

Holiday collectibles are going to be in high demand through the month of November and into December. This is when they are going to be at their most expensive.


If you are able to wait until January to purchase a new calendar you’ll be able to save the most amount of money all year.



While Black Friday and Cyber Money are historically good days to get fantastic deals on all kinds of toys, the middle two weeks of December aren’t too shabby on that front either.

Tools And Hardware

Drills and similar items are almost always on sale during this month.


If you’re willing to wait until Christmas has come and gone, the very end of December can be a great time to get discounts on decorations for next year.

Kitchen Items

Both November and December are exceptional periods to save on high-end kitchen items, including cutlery and cookware.


If you can hold off on buying that new car until New Year’s Eve, you just might get a chance to enjoy some big savings.


December is a tough month for homeowners eager to sell, and that desperation can benefit you to a substantial degree.


In December, you can easily snag some big savings from retailers eager to clear out older inventory.

Swimming Pools

If you want to get a good jump on your summer swimming pool plans, December is a good time to save.


You won’t find much in the way of deals on this hot December sales category.


Remember that those historic “white sales” on linens and similar items won’t begin to appear until January.

Winter Sports Clothing

Like winter clothing, December is the month in which retailers know the demand is high, and are eager to benefit from that as much as possible.

Remodeling Supplies

Since most people aren’t really thinking “remodel/renovate” in December, retailers don’t see much of a reason to offer big savings.


This luxury holiday item is going to see a price spike, until at least after the holidays.


Best to wait until January.