Dissatisfaction with local supermarkets is at an all-time high with reports showing 28% of people feeling dissatisfied in general, 42% unhappy with prices and 30% being upset with service quality. Here are some tips to help you pick the right supermarket for your needs.

Things To Consider

More Shopping Options Creates Less Tolerance

Because supermarkets are so competitive, and because there are usually multiple options, shoppers are less likely to put up with issues that they would have ignored otherwise.

Farmers Markets Are Cutting Into Market Sales

More people are embracing “farm to table” eating and shopping, and major supermarket retailers are feeling the crunch.

Not Enough Registers Open

The most common complaint people have about grocery stores is that they do not have enough registers open to accommodate their shoppers.

High-End Grocery Stores Aren’t Feeling As Much Of A Crunch

Upscale grocery stores like Whole Foods aren’t feeling the pressure as much as “every day” grocery stores are.

Most People Have At Least One Complaint

55% of all people polled have at least one complaint about the grocery store that they visit every week. Dissatisfaction is high.

The Most Popular Supermarkets Are Just As Popular

Even though people are becoming more dissatisfied the same top 10 grocery stores remain at the top of the most popular lists.


“10 for $10”

This is a common sales tactic had grocery stores, but you don’t have to purchase all 10 to get the deal.

Don’t Just Focus On High Level Products

Cheaper options are likely going to be above and below your eye line. This is done on purpose.

Shop Clockwise

Individuals that shop clockwise rather than counter clockwise and up saving (on average) two dollars more.

End Caps Aren’t Always On Sale

Grocery stores will mix and match sales at the end of the aisle. Make sure what you’re adding to your cart is actually a deal.

Saving Tips

83 Trips A Year, $5400 Spent

The average shopper is going to visit the grocery store 83 times a year and spend $5400 while they are there.

Coupons Cut Costs Dramatically

310 billion coupons were released last year with 2.75 billion being redeemed. Cut out coupons to cut grocery costs.

Online Grocery Shopping Has Its Pluses

More grocery stores are offering online grocery store shopping and local pickup or delivery, saving people time and money.

Bring Your Weekly Flyer

The weekly flyer that all grocery stores without is home to the most significant savings opportunities available.

Loyalty Has Its Perks

Joining supermarket loyalty rewards programs entitle members to significant savings and specialty sales.

Store Brands Stretch Budgets

Storebrand products are considerably less expensive than “namebrand” products but are almost identical.

Look For Extended Sales

More grocery stores are extending their sales opportunities beyond just a single week.

Use A Basket Rather Than A Cart

It’s easy to overfill those oversized carts with products you didn’t intend to purchase when you arrived. Use a basket to cut down on those temptations.