The best sunscreen options protect against both spectrums of ultraviolet light. Eventhough, all sunscreen display SPF ratings, they are inconsistent with actual protection levels. Here are some tips to buy the best sunscreen for you.

Things To Know

43% of All Sunscreen Fall Short with SPF

The odds are good that the SPF marked on a bottle is significantly higher than the actual protection a product provides.

SPF Ratings aren’t Completely Useless

Even still, some protection is better than no protection.

Natural Sunscreen Should be Avoided

Almost all natural and mineral sunscreens provide less than SPF 30 protection and should be avoided.

Chemical-Based Sunscreen is Safe

Sunscreen with active chemical ingredients are safe with limited and irregular exposure.

Things To Consider

Skin Cancer is the Most Prevalent in the US

All sunscreen options are designed to protect against skin cancer. You're taking on a huge risk if you don't apply sunscreen.

Short-Term Exposure is Safe

Long-term exposure to retinoid can prove to be carcinogenic, but short-term exposure has been deemed safe by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Sunscreen Alone isn’t Enough

Avoid the sun when it is strongest, wear baggy and loose fitting clothes that offer complete coverage, and wear a hat.

Pregnancy Warning

Women that are pregnant should avoid any sunscreen that includes any type of retinol to avoid health complications.

Chemical UV Filters may Produce Normal Changes

In an effort to protect against UVA and UVB damage, chemical additives that may cause hormonal changes in animals are usually included in sunscreen.

Apply Plenty of Sunscreen

Apply a teaspoon of lotion to every area that you’d like to protect against sunburn and also make sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours or so.

Best Brands

L’Oreal Paris

Famous for their shampoo and body/skincare products, their sunscreen offers at least SPF 30 regularly.


A popular brand of sunscreen (with aerosol options available as well), the SPF in these sunscreens are lower to increase the odds of tanning.


A popular skincare company, their sunscreen is regarded to be amongst the best options available.