Most people view sunglasses as a fashion accessory and tend to buy a pair that compliments them as opposed to something that is going to be designed more for protective purposes or as a safeguard against UV rays. When buying a pair of sunglasses, you should consider both.

There are certain aspects that you can keep in mind such as face shape and safety features that are being offered with the product. Here are some tips.

Things To Consider

UV Protection

There is generally a tag hanging from the glasses that will let you know if they are 100% UV protected. You don’t want to settle for anything less.


It is recommended that people buy bigger sunglasses as opposed to the smaller pairs since bigger frames provide much more protection.

Lens Color

There are a variety of different lens colors available and that is mostly a decision based on preference. Most are made with darker lenses but there are some that offer amber or gray. There is a misconception that the darker the lens, the more UV protection and that isn’t true. The color has little effect on the UV protection.


These type of lenses are responsible for helping to eliminate glare, not block UV rays. Even though they aren’t directly responsible for protecting against sunlight, they do make activities such as driving or lounging in the sun much easier and comfortable.


It can actually be a very arduous task to have to decide on the right pair of sunglasses between all the options that are available on the market. One way that you can narrow your choices is to consider what type of lifestyle you participate in most. If you're a fashion forward trend setter, look for that latest designer pair. If you're an outdoorsy person, get that latest pair of Oakley's. There are options for everyone.

Face Shape & Fit


A round face shape is going to benefit most from a pair of cat eye, retro square, square, rectangular, or angular.


This shape is longer than it is wide and has a variety of shades to choose from including retro square, oversized, aviator, top-heavy frames, or butterfly.


For this face shape that offers a narrow jawline, you’ll want a retro square pair of glasses or a cat eye.