There’s a world of difference between suits designed for business, pleasure, formal events and more casual nights out. Consider where you’re going to be wearing this suit before looking at options. Here are some tips to help you pick the best suit for you.

Things To Consider

Custom Or OFF-The-Shelf?

Custom suits are obviously going to fit like a second skin but are usually much more expensive than off-the-shelf options that can be tailored to your measurements.

Fabric And Fit Make Or Break Quality Suits

Above all else, the fabric the suit is made out of and the fit or cut it features will have the biggest impact on how it looks. Focus on these core elements above all else.

Picking The Right Type


American style suits have more natural shoulders, usually feature a single vent in the back, and include more straight hanging lines and flap pockets. These kinds of suits are designed for men with slightly larger frames.


British suits usually have padded shoulders, double vents in the back, a slightly pinched waste, and very often come in plaid and striped patterns. These work really well on men with athletic builds.


Italian style suits have padded shoulders more often than not, usually do not feature even a single vent at all, have a very full chested kind of style and shape. They are best suited to men that are a bit slimmer.

Features To Consider

Keep Things Simple

If you are only looking to purchase two or three suits that need to be pretty versatile you’ll want to keep them as simple and as straightforward as possible. The more versatility a suit offers the more minimalist it should be.

Color is King

Another major consideration you’ll want to zero in on is the color of the fabric that you are going with. The general rule of thumb is that a man should have a dark black/gray suit as well as a dark blue suit, with extra colors added in if they’re looking to shake things up.

Fit is Key

Today’s suits are available in everything from extreme slim fit to athletic and relaxed fits as well as everything in between. Finding the right fit for your style and your body type is a huge piece of the puzzle.

Best Brands


Burberry is a legendary fashion house out of the United Kingdom, responsible for making some of the best looking British suits ever created.

Tom Ford

Another great American designer, these suits are a bit of a hybrid between Italian suits and American suits and are more modern and contemporary than the options from Brooks Brothers.

Brooks Brothers

If you are looking for an American-style suit you’re going to want to look at everything from the latest Brooks Brothers collection.