The great thing about a sound bar is that you can dramatically improve/enhance the sound from your TV, but you will need to do a bit of research before you do. Here are some tips.

Things To Consider

Placement Before Purchase

You want to have a clear idea of your space constraints, before you even start shopping around for a sound bar.

No Need to Overbuy

Don’t bother overpaying for features you already have, or for features that you don’t even really need.

Matching Sizes

It is definitely a good idea to make sure the size of your sound bar measures up to the size of your TV.

Checking your Connection

You’re going to need a range of inputs to connect all of your audio sources, so make sure to shop and purchase accordingly.

Picking The Right Type

Consider the Investment

A good pair of speakers can last for years, and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a good set.


These big speakers pack an audio punch, but they might be too big for some spaces.

6-8 Speaker Set

These sets tend to provide consumers with the most straightforward route towards owning a full-surround system.


These smaller speakers can be as tall as 20 inches, but most can still fit on traditional bookshelves.


These speakers are designed for ambient noises, and most of them can fit on walls or bookshelves.


Some are wireless, but with all of them, you want to take care with where you place it.

Features To Look For


The features from one setup to the next can vary wildly, including how many speakers come with your sound bar, so make sure you purchase something that corresponds to your needs


Look for a front display panel that you can see and use with ease, and find out if you can download an app for your device to control your purchase.


This attractive feature allows you to go online. Amongst other things, you will be able to take advantage of streaming video sites like Netflix and Hulu.

A/V Connection

Several HDMI connections now offer an ARC support feature, and keep in mind that newer equipment is increasingly relying on HDMI cables to send out digital audio signals.

Additional Connections

USB ports, SD cards, WiFi, and device connectivity are now being offered on a range of products.


You can look for a system that offers presets or custom EQ, in addition to bass/treble adjustment options. DSP utilizes digital circuitry to create your listening experience.

Best Brands


Although these products tend to be a little more high-priced than some of your options, you have to consider that Bose is one of the leading brands for sound bars and more.


One of the leading electronics manufacturers, LG offers a wide range of affordable options for sound bars.


As a means of complementing their range of televisions, Toshiba offers a variety of sound bar options.


Sound bars and 5.1-channel sound systems can be found through this brand.


A reputable sound hardware maker that offers premium soundbars.