The right rewards cards can help you save big time on large or even small purchases. Most credit card companies offer reward cards today and here are some tips to help you pick the right one.

Things To Consider

Choose Your Perks Wisely

Not all reward cards are worth getting. Choose the right perks for your needs and your lifestyle.

Calculate Rewards Independently

Make sure that you are choosing rewards that are the card stipulations or requirements. Calculate benefits and bonuses independently.

Travel Cards Are Bonus Heavy

Because so many card companies offer travel rewards new cards promise bigger and better rewards than others in order to win business.

Free First Year

Probably the most common type of upfront bonus, a free annual year with no membership charges is quite popular.

Annual Fees

Annual Fees Increase Rewards Quality

Most companies now offer two types of reward cards; “free” cards with low level rewards and annual fee cards with higher level rewards.

Prepare Fees In Advance

If you do get a free first year make sure you know when and how you will have to pay for your annual fee in the future.

Get That First Year Free

Even if they do not advertise a free annual membership at first ask that you get the first year waived before you agree to terms.

Poor Credit May Not Get Waived Fees

Your credit needs to be solid to get fees waived in the future. Poor credit may not get a free first year.

Maximizing Rewards

Read The Fine Print

Never sign on the dotted line until you read ALL of the fine print regarding your rewards.

Take Advantage Of Rewards

Make sure that you don’t just earn rewards but that you actually redeem those earnings every now and again.

Know When You Are Earning Points

Make sure you know which purchases and which actions will help you earn more points and bonus points moving forward.

Accumulate For Higher Rewards

you don’t want to redeem your points at first be sure to accumulate points until you unlock better rewards in the future.