As the world moves towards a paperless life via digital documents and cloud services, printers have become less in demand. If you are still looking for one, here are some tips.

Things To Consider

Plain Printers

These printers are designed to do one thing and one thing only; to print things out. Most of them are available at prices less than $100.

All In One Printers

These printers are as feature-rich as they come. Many are built with scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities. They also usually include multiple connectivity options (including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

Picking The Right Model

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are the most common type of printer out there today. They are slower than laser printers but less expensive, and are the best for printing full-color pages or photographs.

Laser printers

Those that want a lot of black-and-white documents will want to invest in a laser printer. Text is sharp, ink is inexpensive, and it’s not uncommon for these printers to about 20 pages per minute.

Additional Considerations

Hardwired Printers Are Becoming A Thing Of The Past

Top printer options (inkjet and laser) are relying less on hardwired cords and more on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

Printers Can Be Shared On Home Networks

Printers can be connected to a network like all other pieces of technology. This allows them to be used by any other device on the network.

Cloud Printing Is Becoming Quite Popular

The ability to print from anywhere via cloud connections is becoming much more popular. A lot of printers are built with this technology today.

Ink Might Be The Most Expensive Liquid For Sale

The average cost of a gallon of ink would be $6400 based off of sales prices in 2019.