Whether your are looking for a new phone or a new phone plan, there are many things to consider. Here are some tips to help you pick the best option.

Things To Consider When Picking A New Plan

Big Name Carriers vs Minor Carriers

Big name carriers afford you more data on their data plans for more web browsing, emailing and Facebook use as opposed to minor carriers that offer limited data.


Buy within your means; carriers that offer wider coverage and higher cellular data tend to charge more.

No. of Phone Lines

Consider carriers that offer reasonable bundled plans if you need multiple lines not just for yourself but also for your family.

Extent of Coverage

Opt for big name carriers like AT&T or Verizon if you require optimum cellular coverage, high-speed 5G surfing and/or roaming capabilities; modest but good choices for basic coverage are Ting, Republic Wireless and Consumer Cellular.

Things To Consider When Picking A New Phone

Upgrading to a Latest Device

Updates on operating systems do not work well on dated models that affect the overall performance of the device so buying a new one may be warranted.

Switching to a Different Network Provider

Get a new phone if your current one is network-locked or unable to support your new service provider.

Picking The Right OS


Dated program platform, Blackberry Hub interface, utilizes physical keyboards and trackpads, not a highly popular choice anymore.


Highly customizable, supports the widest selection of handsets and devices from different manufacturers like Samsung, HTC or LG, and has a nice array of available applications that work on program platforms.

Apple iOS

User-friendly, gives you access to the largest number of applications and content through iTunes.


Latest mobile platform entry, limited selection of applications, flexible home interface.

Payment Options

Full Payment

Opt for full payment if certain credit issues precludes an installment plan or for affordable handsets; allows for a smaller monthly phone bill.

Partial Payment

For expensive high-end models, pay through monthly phone bill over a period of 24 months.


Pay a fixed rate over time; allows you to trade up every two years for loyalty.

Top Wireless Service Providers


High availability with quality network service.

Verizon Wireless

Best call & text and web performance but costly.


Satisfactory service and average pricing.

Top Phone Brands


Creator of the best-selling handset model to date, the iPhone.


Creates both affordable and high-end phone models; popular handsets Note and Galaxy S series.


High camera image quality is a hallmark of these phones.