If you’ve only been going to a local Walgreens for your pharmaceutical needs, there might be some things to reconsider. Here are some tips to help you pick the right pharmacy for your needs.

Things To Consider

Consulting with a Pharmacist

Transact at a pharmacy that has knowledgeable and informative personnel. If they are unable to give you the information you need, find a different pharmacy.

Medication Availability

Many consumers complain that their medications are not available when they need it. Around 54% of Albertson’s consumers complained of medication unavailability, while only 15% of Kaiser Permanente had the same complaint.


Independents offer delivery, but online pharmacies also offer mail order medications.


Commonly prescribed medications are commonly given at discounted prices, especially for individuals who pay out-of-pocket instead of through insurance.

Waiting for Prescriptions

Consumers are less likely to wait at independent pharmacies. Some former pharmacy personnel claimed that the waiting was intentional to entice visitors to purchase items before they got their prescriptions.

Personalized Services

For individuals that need to be reminded of medication schedules, some pharmacies package meds in special packs to indicate whether a dosage has been taken or not. Some meds can be manufactured without the dye for those with allergies.


Medications changes prices from pharmacy to pharmacy, so it’s best to shop around.

Preventive Care

Many pharmacies offer immunizations as imposed by overseeing local government offices.

Comparing Pharmacies

Independent Drugstores

Ideal for personal service, rated high for speed, accuracy, courtesy, and helpfulness. Pharmacists are knowledgeable and informative.

Supermarket Chains

Ease of shopping, higher level of convenience. Widely available nationwide. Prices can vary however, so it’s necessary to shop around for the best value for money.

Pharmacy Chains

Big on rewards programs, known for loyalty cards, 24 hour service, and insurance compatibility.

Big Box Chains

Most affordable prices for out-of-pocket payers, no membership required.

Saving Tips

Avoid Chain Drugstores

Chain drugstores give the highest prices across all options.

Calculate Costs

Insurance co-pay is sometimes more expensive than paying upfront. Calculate expenses to get a better idea of what you should use to pay.

Online Resources

Check online for going prices and compare costs between retailers to get the best value for your money. Fill up online prescriptions and check who offers the lowest prices. See to it that an online retailer is accredited before buying.

Independent Chains

Known to offer some of the most affordable prices to match or beat competitors.

Ask for Last Price

Some cash discounts can only be availed of if asked for. Always inquire about discounts before paying up.

Remote Control Capabilities

You’ll be able to adjust your air conditioning unit without having to leave your bed, your desk, or your chair.