Undertaking a new renovation project usually starts with a new paint job and having the perfect paint is not an easy task. Here are some tips to help you pick the best paint for any project.

Things To Consider

Get Samples

Select your top color picks from the store and ask for the biggest paint chips they have. Bring them home and set them against the trimming of your walls to see what they look like in your space and lighting. Larger walls intensify colors indoors while outdoor walls tend to make colors lighter.

Start Small

Small cans can be purchased to test out shades on your own walls. Use blank sheets of paper, paint them, and place them against the wall to get a better idea of how they will look.


Matte finish generally looks darker, as compared to glossy which reflects light for a brighter look.

Picking The Right Paint Type

Eggshell and Satin

Require thorough wall preparation prior to application so as not to highlight cracks, dings, and dents in the walls. Can be used in high traffic areas, but can change shade when cleaned.

Interior Flat

Hide dings and cracks better, tend to stain easier, ideal for areas that aren’t commonly used.

Eggshell and Satin

For outdoor applications, these finishes are best suited for newer walls that are smoother.


Walls need to be very smooth prior to application. Semi-gloss can be easily cleaned and do not stain, making them ideal for bathroom and kitchen areas. Can lose their shine with constant scrubbing.

Exterior Flat

Hides imperfections excellently, aesthetically appealing on older walls.

Semi Gloss and Gloss

Better suited for trimmings, using these on external walls can highlight even the smallest damages.

Best Brands

Benjamin Moore

Available at over 4,000 network independent dealers and 1,200 brand name paint stores nationwide.


Manufactures paints for different rooms and areas of the home, sold solely at Lowe’s.


Common and popular, Glidden is available at The Home Depot, hardware stores, and paint stores.


Exclusively available through Lowe’s, popular for their interior paint products.


Manufactures and sells paints and other wall treatments, as well as painting tools and supplies.