Too many variable are present when mattresses are compared, so use your comfort as the biggest consideration factor. Here are some more tips to help you pick the best one.

Things To Consider

Simulate Sleep

If allowed, lie down on the mattress options that are available at the store. Determine how your body feels in each and narrow down your choices based on comfort.

Apply for Discounts

Sale season is a great time to buy mattresses because of the discounts that could reach up to 50% off. Whatever time of year it might be, it’s never a mistake to haggle and ask for discounted prices especially if the store you’re in allows haggling.

Understand Purchase Policies

Should anything happen to the mattress, or if a replacement is needed for whatever reason, it would be wise to understand the purchase policies before buying a mattress.

Look Into the Warranty

Understanding the warranty of your purchase will give you the upper hand if in case any factory defects or manufacturing problems arise anytime within the period of coverage.

Upon Arrival

Don’t sign any papers acknowledging that your item was received without inspecting for tears, damage, and signs of mishandling to ensure that you got what you paid for.

Picking The Right Type

Memory Foam

Designed to conform to the user’s body and is ideal for individuals who experience frequent joint and muscle pain.


Most popular and affordable type of mattress which uses large steel coils that work to retain the shape of the mattress.

Adjustable Air

Firmness can be adapted to the user’s preference via air pump and most used for occasional sleep.

False Beliefs

Foam is Better Than Innerspring

While foam mattresses can be softer, users often prefer innerspring mattresses because they offer better comfort and provide better support especially for sleepers who shift positions frequently.

Mattresses Become Cooler with Gel

Regardless of the inclusion of a gel-infused layer, mattresses that do not have coils are much warmer to sleep on.

More Springs is Preferable

Because some coils are made from thicker, stronger material, some mattress models can afford to have less springs and still give the same level of comfort as others that have more.

Lumbar Support Works

Some manufacturers set their mattresses apart by incorporating a lumbar support area for better, more comfortable sleep, but studies have yet to prove the effectiveness of this inclusion.

Best Brands


SPECIALizing in memory foam mattresses, toppers, and pillows, Novafoam mattresses can be purchased free of shipping and handling fees at Costco or through their website.

Sleep Number

For the best adjustable air mattresses, Sleep Number has a wide selection of affordable products and some high end models that feature remote control functionality for unrivalled ease of use.


Known for superior comfort, Tempur-Pedic has become one of the front-runners when it comes to mattresses, offering consumers affordable bedding options that optimize sleep.


For those with orthopaedic problems, Sealy is known as the best specialty sleeping brand with products that focus on relieving body and back pain.


It’s easy to make sure that the mattress you got is really the one you want with Casper’s 100 night trial option which allows consumers to try out their mattress and see if it suits their needs.