Buying mascara is an intimate an experience that every woman needs to fully enjoy and find the right mascara for her. Here are some tips to help you pick that perfect mascara for your lashes.

Things To Consider

Lash Length

Not only are you going to need to think about how long your natural lashes are that you’ll be adding mascara to, but you’ll also need to think about how long you want your lashes to become with the help of mascara.

Wand Size

Look for a mascara that offers the right size wand for total control and comfortable movement. You want to feel like you are always in control when you’re using mascara.

Lash Thickness

Another big piece of the puzzle is how full or how thin you want your lashes to appear. Fuller, thicker lashes work better with standard lightweight mascara whereas thinner lashes can be pumped up with something thicker.

Picking The Right Type

Extra Length Mascara

Extra length mascara just maybe the most popular type of mascara available, a mascara option that (no surprise here) adds extra length to your existing eyelashes.

Extra Volume Mascara

At the other end of the spectrum, extra volume mascara is going to create thicker and more luscious eyelashes without adding a lot of extra length to them along the way.

Curling Mascara

Curling mascara and lash defining mascara really give you an opportunity to shape and control the way that your lashes look without adding too much extra length or too much extra volume at the same time.

Features To Consider

What Kind Of Brush Is Included?

Some women are a lot more comfortable using a straight mascara brush whereas others can imagine using any mascara without a bit of a curve to it. Be sure that you check the label to find out what kind of brush is included before you jump right in.

What Kind Of Water Resistance Can You Expect?

Waterproof mascara can be a little bit hit or miss as far as quality and consistency is concerned, not to mention the fact that it’s almost impossible to get off later. Shoot instead for water resistant options that look great and are easy to clean.

How Much Drama Do You Want Mascara To Add?

For a casual event or for every day work/school mascara you probably don’t want to add a Broadway plays worth of drama to your look with high style/high-fashion mascara, but that might be exactly what you’re looking for during a more formal or one-off kind of event.

Best Brands

Blinc Mascara

A big favorite for a couple of years now, this mascara is available in a variety of different colors, styles, and volume levels to give women total control over the finished look.


This cosmetics powerhouse has been around for decades and continues to make some of the best mascara available at very affordable price points. Best of all, you can pick up Clinique mascara pretty much anywhere.

Marc Jacobs

If you’re looking for a bit of extra style, bit of extra flair, and a bit of extra panache when you are adding mascara to your look it’s a good idea to snap up a tube from Marc Jacobs.