Are you flying, driving, or cruising with your luggage? The purpose of the luggage can play a significant role in what you should ultimately buy. Here are some tips to help you pick the right luggage for you.

Things To Consider


Where the bag is going to be stored can help you to decide between hard-sided bags and soft-sided bags.

Use Tape Measure

Measure yourself, since baggage restrictions vary from one airline to the next.

Testing the Wheels

You want wheels that roll smoothly, while remaining in place.


Hand-held luggage scales, distinguished tags, and luggage trackers can provide you with ease and protection.

Interior Capacity

Pay attention to squared edges, or integrated outer compartments. You can even skip wheels and handles entirely for optimized interior capacity.


your best options will include lifetime full coverage warranties.

Picking The Right Type


These are bags that you can bring with you on planes, and stow them in overhead bins. Opt for bags that meet the strictest airline industry rules.

Large Luggage

Keeping in mind that you may have weight restrictions on your checked luggage, anything larger than the items above will have to be checked.

Personal Items

These refer to any type of bag that can be stowed underneath the seat in front of you.

Features To Look For


Consider the pros and cons of two-wheelers, four-wheelers, or no-wheelers.


Hard-sided luggage offers formidable protection, while soft-sided luggage provides lightness and flexibility.


When it comes to your options for zippers, chain offers more reliability and strength than coil.


A lot of travelers go with 2-post handle systems, as they tend to offer options and stability.


Consider the number, size, and configuration of the pockets/compartments of your luggage.


American travelers should make sure their locks are TSA-compliant.