A smile is the first thing people notice on a person’s face and the lipstick that a woman wears can make that first impression even more memorable. Adding color to the lips can alter the features of the face in a variety of different ways. This is why it’s important to understand how to buy the right lipstick.

Things To Consider

Lip Shape

Top Heavy

This type of lip will require that you put a brighter shade on the bottom lip and a slightly darker shade over the upper.

Bottom Heavy

Ladies with this lip shape will want to stick with a lighter nude shade applied directly to the center of the top lip.

Lip Size


The opposite applies here and ladies may want to steer clear of glosses or shades that may be too light or glittery.


Those who have thin lips should try to stay away from dark or flashy shades of lip colors. They will tend to make the lips look even more slender. It is recommended to use creamy lipsticks or even glosses.

Picking The Right Shade

Skin Tone

Before you set out to buy lipstick product, you need to determine the type of skin tone that you have. There are five main types of complexion including fair skin, light complexion, medium tone, tan, and deep skin tone. 

Complexions which are fair or light will do well with shades of peach, light pink, nude, coral, or dusty red. 

Those who possess a medium tone can go with cherry reds, roses, mauves, or berries. 

Tan ladies are able to go with most colors except those within the brown or purple families. 

These are reserved for the lucky ladies in the deep skin tone who can enjoy the caramels, plums, blue-based reds, and wine colors.


Our skin has an undertone that also needs to be taken into consideration which can be either cool or warm or neutral. 

Those with fair and light skin who have cool undertone would wear a nude or soft mocha where they would choose pale pink or peachy nudes with a warmer undertone. 

A medium skin with a cool undertone will do best in the pink or cranberry family and then stick with either copper or bronze for those with warmer tones. 

Ladies with deep or tan skin tones and cool undertones will choose ruby and wine shades versus bronze or copper for warm undertones. 

For all undertones in the neutral family there is a wide spectrum of colors.