Selecting the right pair of leggings may seem like a fairly easy task but there are many different styles, materials and other things to consider before buying a pair. Here are some tips to help you out.

Things To Consider


Lycra and cotton are generally the most used materials for leggings, but there have been leather and suede varieties which can be very fashion forward and take your outfit in a whole new direction. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


In the beginning, colors were usually limited to black, white, or off-white followed by colors, contrasts, and different prints. It’s okay to have fun with a colorful outfit but if you don't want extra attention stick to the old school colors or conservative prints.


This is ultimately the most important rule, getting the size right. You don’t want them to be too tight, but not too loose either. They need to fit the body in a snug way without forming the body’s shape. Wearing a top that is extremely long will allow for you to not have to worry about the fit, but it’s best just to pick the right size.

Types Of Leggings

Stir Up

These leggings have found their way back and are used by many women on daily basis. These can be paired with nearly anything in your closet and worn in any situation.


These are the best thing to happen to women’s athletic wear since sliced bread. They’re comfortable, fashionable and can make any woman’s butt look that much better.


The prints on these leggings add a bit of a theme to the outfit, but you want to make sure that you try these types of leggings on before you actually purchase them. Some prints can look good on a website but look totally different when worn. If you do decided to go with a printed pair, wear it with a more neutral top.

Do Nots When Wearing Leggings

Don’t wear them as you would jeans or dress pants.

Don’t pair them with crop tops or tops that are short.

Don't wear underwear that will show through the leggings.