With so many clothing brands that offer jeans, the options are endless and finding the right pair is becoming more difficult with each passing day. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect pair of jeans.

Things To Consider

What Kind Of Fit Are You After?

Today’s genes come in everything from skinny and slim fit options to regular, relaxed, loose, and boot cut (as well as a handful of others). These options may not look different when folded up at the store but will definitely look different when you are wearing them.

Modern Or Vintage Jeans?

Another big question you want to answer before you start shopping for blue jeans is whether or not you want to purchase modern options that are usually a bit more lightweight and less durable (not to mention stiff) or vintage jeans that are as a general rule better made, heavier duty, and already broken in and relaxed.


You’ll want to set your budget before you start to look at different blue jeans and denim options, especially since you can find genes for $15 or $500 – or more – pretty easily. Know what your after ahead of time.

Picking The Right Type


As touched on above, you’ll be able to pick from skinny jeans, slim fit jeans, regular jeans, relaxed jeans, and loose jeans on the market today. Most people trend towards regular and relaxed jeans, though people with thinner and more athletic bodies can get away with skinny and slim fit jeans.

Japanese Loom

Considered the ultimate modern jeans available, these genes are usually much more expensive than fashion jeans available in the US because they are made from the original blue jean and denim looms that companies like Levi used 100 years ago. The quality of these genes as much better than what you’ll find coming out of modern reduction facilities today.


You’ll also need to think about whether or not you want a high rise waste, a medium or mid rise waste, or a low rise or low crotch.

Features To Consider


The weight of the denim material that makes up your blue jeans will affect how they feel, how they wear, and how they drape or hang off of your body. Shoot for genes that are made up of a material that comes in between 8 ounces and 20 ounces for the best fit and finish.


Most modern blue jeans and denim products are going to come with a specific wash or treatment right from the manufacturer. Acid wash jeans, stone wash jeans, vintage wash jeans, and even just classic wash jeans are options you’ll want to think about.


Obviously you’ll want to make sure you’re getting jeans that fit your waste perfectly, but you want to think about the inseam and length of your jeans as well. Many brands offer free alterations if you are and in between kind of size.

Best Brands


Another quintessentially American blue jean manufacturer, these are usually a little bit less expensive than Levi’s and designed more as workwear than fashion wear.


It’s impossible to talk about denim and blue jeans without talking about Levi’s, the most famous blue Jean manufacturer on the planet. These are the quintessential American blue jeans. It’s not at all uncommon for classic and vintage Levi blue jeans to command far more than modern options.

True Religion

High quality denim available in a variety of different fit and cut options, these are great jeans though they command a premium price tag.