Keeping high humidity levels in your office or at home is a must for anyone that suffers from dry skin or lives in a cold climate. Here are some tips to help you pick the best one.

Size Considerations

300-499 Sq Ft Spaces

Tabletop and portable humidifiers can aptly humidify small to medium sized rooms, but require constant refilling.

500-999 Sq Ft Spaces

Console models are ideal and can be relocated from room to room with ease. Ultrasonic and warm-mist models make little noise regardless of size.

1000+ Sq Ft Spaces

Ultrasonic console variants are ideal for bigger spaces. Evaporative models can also suffice, however they could generate more noise.

Picking The Right Model

Warm Mist

Boils water and releases steam to humidify spaces. Requires replacement of filters for models with mineral filters. Can cause burns if handled improperly.

Cool Mist

Evaporative variants pass air over a wet wick to release moisture, ultrasonic models incorporate a nebulizer which vibrates, impeller humidifiers come equipped with a rotating disk to emit moisture.

Features To Consider


Some humidifiers require routine filter replacement on top of draining, cleaning, and drying. Models with inaccessible compartments can be difficult to clean.


This feature turns off the machine when the environment reaches the desired humidity levels.

Straightforward and Easy Of Use

Size considerations should match the restrictions of your space. The tank should fit beneath available faucets for ease of refilling. Controls should be straightforward and easy to comprehend for trouble free operations.


Turn off the humidifier after a certain time of use has been reached. Time is set by the user.

Best Brands


Honeywell develops whole-home and tabletop models that are made available through numerous, accessible outlets.


Better known for their electric fans, Hunter has also released several humidifier models that are available nationwide.


With a vast collection of humidifier products, Vicks can be purchased through leading mass-market, drug stores, and hardware stores across the country.


Among the most affordable, Holmes manufactures all types of humidifiers in varying styles and sizes.


Inexpensive and easy to use, Crane humidifiers come in a variety of styles to suit your interior.