Hotels used to be little more than “flop houses” but now almost every hotel out there today offers a clean, safe, and relaxing experience. Here are some tips to help you book the right hotel for your needs.

Things To Consider

Amenities Have Really Exploded

Most hotels also offer a wide variety of amenities they didn’t in the past. Not only will you find a pool and gym in most hotels, but you’ll also find room service, groceries delivered to your room, massages, high-speed Internet, and more.

Hotel Service Has Gotten MUCH Better

In a recent Consumer Reports survey 53% of those polled reported much better hotel experiences than they did just five years ago.

The Ritz Carlton Is (Still) Top-Of-The-Line

Unsurprisingly, the Ritz Carlton chain of hotels is still considered to be the best of the best in the United States.

The Average Cost Of A Hotel Stay Is Up

An average night at a hotel in the United States is going to cost about $111. This figure is up almost 5% since 2012 and it’s anticipated that the average nightly price for a hotel stay will continue to rise.

Chains And Boutique Hotels Are Competing

Chain hotels and boutique hotels are narrowing the gap with one another, with each offering better and better services and better places to stay every day.

Suites Are More Popular Than Ever

Suites are becoming the “go-to” option when staying at a hotel. They don’t outpace single rooms, but it will only be a matter of time until they do.

Budget Hotels Usually Aren’t Worth Their Low Prices

Once you get below $50 a night it’s almost impossible to find a quality hotel to stay at. Most people find these budget hotels to be awful with service, convenience, and comfort.

Beware Of Extra Fees

$2.1 Billion In Sneaky Fees Were Charged In 2019

According to industry analysts, consumers had to spend $2.1 billion more on hidden hotel fees and surcharges in 2019 than they thought they were going to be paying.

Resorts Overcharge Significantly

Holiday hotels and destination resorts overcharge the most, sometimes adding on fees of $20-$50 a day.

Cancellation Fees Are Through The Roof

If you don’t cancel your room reservation within 48 to 72 hours of your stay most hotels will keep your money completely.

Room Service Is Always Expensive

It’s not uncommon to spend $10 or more for a bagel when you order it through room service. Mandatory tips at 18% are common and there may even be a “delivery” fee assessed.

Early Check-In And Late Departures

Hotels are becoming stricter and stricter about move in and move out times, and they assess significant fees for anyone that runs off schedule.

Don’t Touch The Minibar

It’s not uncommon for each individual item in a minibar to be charged out at six dollars or more.

Getting A Good Rate

Internet Only OFFers Exist

Comb the Internet to find even better deals on hotel accommodations. Some offers are Internet only. Blind and partnered websites can offer fantastic deals on available elsewhere.

Loyalty Pays OFF

Frequent visiting guests are going to get the most significant discounts of everyone. Join rewards programs and take advantage of the perks.

Ask About The “Fade” Rate

At the end of the night most hotels are going to be willing to take nearly anything to fill a room that would otherwise go empty. Ask about these rates but be prepared for a simple “no”.

Almost 40% Of Hotel Rooms Are Vacant Every Night

By planning ahead and waiting until the last minute to book a hotel room you will be able to save a lot of money. Close to half of all hotel rooms go on used every night and hotels will usually take almost anything to fill those rooms near the end of the business day.

Superstar Saving Hacks

Blind Deals Really Work

Online hotel booking websites are able to offer discounts up to 60% off regular prices because of their relationship with hotel companies. You’ll never know exactly where you are staying with these deal websites and that’s how they get these discounts.

Be A Mercenary

A loyalty to one brand or location may not get you the savings you’re looking for. Be prepared to jump around and you’ll save more money. It’s just that simple and straightforward.

Contact The Hotel Directly

Contact the hotel front desk directly and ask for the lowest possible price on their accommodations. Always negotiate from that point down, and be prepared to call other hotels for better prices if you don’t get the deal you are looking for.