home insurance

Insuring your home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make with respect to your property. Here are some tips to help you pick the best policy for your home.

Things To Consider

Study Rate Comparisons

insurance departments in states like Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas, California and many others provide rate comparisons for standard coverage.

Shop Online

you can shop for insurance rates from online sites like Insure.com, Insweb.com, and NetQuote.com

Independent Agents

if you do not have access to comparative rates, contact an agent who sells homeowners insurance from numerous carriers; find an independent insurance agent from iiaba.

Buy Auto Coverage from the Same Insurer

you can save up to 30% on cost if you elect to get home and auto coverage from a single insurer

Don't Under Insure

Rising or Falling Market Price of the House

Market place value of the house will fall short of the necessary cost to rebuild what was damaged; instead consider value of material to be used and rate of labor.

Extended Coverage

Offers protection against sudden increase in material and labor costs following natural calamities.

Raise Deductible to Reduce Premiums

Decrease premiums on additional coverage by opting to pay higher on deductibles.

Review Coverage Needs Annually

Request a customized estimate of the home’s replacement cost; it should account for distinctive features, structure details, age, and any expenses for new resident building-code requirements.

SPECIAL Endorsements or Floaters

Additional coverage to insure expensive possessions not included in basic coverage such as jewelry, paintings/artworks or silverware.

Excess Liability Policy

If you have more assets, buy more liability, $1 million or higher.

Managing Risks

Availability of Discounts

Get 5% less on premium if you have burglar alarms, smoke detectors and dead-bolt locks, 15-20% less for having a sprinkler system which alert first responders with alarms and additional discounts on fire- and impact-resistant roofing materials

Fortify Home

Homes that are fortified against hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters hold up stronger and therefore cost you less.

Minimize Fire and Water Damage Risk

Avoid expensive deductibles by limiting fire risks by having fire extinguishers always at the ready and never leaving stoves or anything that can cause fires unattended; similarly, avoid water damage by switching out rubber washing machine hoses with steel-braided reinforced ones.

Problem Free Claims

Handles your insurance claims well with little to no trouble or problems

Best Home Insurance Providers

Progressive Homeowners

Wide coverage options for individual needs; good agents and attuned to handling claims

Auto-Owners Insurance

Nearly one hundred years in service; reasonable premiums for wide coverage with friendly staff.

Farm Bureau Financial Services

Wide variety of homeowner insurance options; efficient and professional customer service

MetLife Homeowners

Varied home policy options even for landlords and renters; offers collision coverage

Allstate Homeowners Insurance

One of the largest insurance company in the US.