No matter what your budget is, finding the perfect pair of heels is hard and unforgiving. Here are some tips to help you find and buy that dime pair.

Things To Consider

Avoid Tight Fits

It used to be popular advice to find the tightest fitting heels you could but now we know nothing could be further from the truth. You want heels that are just a bit wider (especially in the toe box) to avoid pain and cramping.

Always Walk Them Out

Always take the time to walk around in your new heels for five or 10 minutes before you plan on wearing them out, just to get a feel for how they are going to behave on your feet. Don’t be shy about returning any that don’t feel right.

Find The Right Size And The Right Fit

A lot of people under the impression that heels are ridiculously uncomfortable (though very fun and beautiful to wear) are likely wearing heels that just aren’t the right size or the right fit. Master this and you’ll find most heels a lot more comfortable than you’d been led to believe that to be.

Picking The Right Type

Kitten Heels

Incredibly popular these days, these heels are a bit of a hybrid between high heels and standard heels that are fun, flirty, and very casual.


The stereotypical high heels people think about when they think about this footwear, these usually add between two and three extra inches in height and have a wider base at the toe box.


The skyscrapers of the high-heeled world, it’s not hard to find stilettos that stretch up to 8 inches high. These can be terribly uncomfortable (and unstable) unless you really find a pair that fit your feet perfectly.

Features To Consider

Different Brands Have Different Sizes

If you are a size 6 in one brand you may not necessarily be a size 6 and another, just because of the way shoes are manufactured. Always pay close attention to the size, style, and shape of shoes you’re buying to find the right fit.

Check To See How The Heel Is Attached

You want a high heel that has been attached in a way that offers a lot of stability, a lot of strength, and a lot of security. Gluing and stitching is the way to go, something that is seamless and isn’t going to come loose at the most inconvenient time.

Rubberized Bottom

Be nervous about any high-heeled (particularly a stiletto) that doesn’t feature a rubberized bottom on both the heel and the toe box of the shoes. You need that extra bit of grip to make walking in these easier and safer.

Best Brands

Christian Louboutin

These high heels are most famous for their bright red bottom, the signature color and style from this designer out of Paris that sets them apart from every other. These just might be the best of the best high heels money can buy.

Kate Spade

This New York-based fashion house continues to put out top-tier high-heeled options at every price point imaginable, comfortable, solid, and well-made options every woman would love to add to their collection.

Brian Atwood

Known primarily for combining nude and black styles together in fun, interesting, and eclectic ways these shoes have started to become some of the hottest commodities in the world of fashion over the last 10 years.