Your choice of headset depends largely on your lifestyle as much as it does on your budget. Smaller inner-ear models are ideal for fitness, travel, commute, and outdoor use, while larger over-the-ear models are best used for home entertainment and gaming. Here are some more tips to help you pick the right pair.

Things To Consider

Sound Quality

Depending on your preference, choose a pair that highlights a part of the audio spectrum that you particularly find pleasant or appealing.

Corded Models

Headphones that connect to a device via a cord produce better sound quality and are ideal for enjoying music and movies.

Picking The Right Type


Cups on closed models go over and around the ears to mute external sounds. Can block out important alerts such as doorbells or telephones, and can get hot over extended periods of use.


Inserted into the ear space outside the canal. Most common, come bundled with phones and music players. Tips can be changed to better suit ear size and shape.


Go directly on the ears, relatively more comfortable to use, does not get hot over time. Less efficient at blocking out ambient noise. Some models can be folded for easy storage.

Noise Reduction

Ideal for those who want a noise-free listening experience. Some models come with active noise cancelling features. Battery use depends on performance, however some models allow users to switch off noise cancelling for extended battery life.


Connect commonly via Bluetooth, others via infrared technology. Have decent range of up to 30 feet, but sound quality can be dampened by obstructions and interference. Higher gigahertz models perform better than lower ones.

Features To Consider


Wraps around the neck, feature volume and track control buttons, restrict movements to keep headphones in place.

Spare Ear Tips

Allows users to interchange tips for a comfortable fit.


Rechargable batteries for wireless models are more convenient, cost effective, and eco-friendly.

On Cord Controls

Allow users to adjust volume, take calls, and speak into a built in mic for greater convenience.

Best Brands


Manufactures affordable headphones for its iPhone and iPad.

Sol Republic

SPECIALizes in on-ear and in-ear models.


Better known for their over-the-ear models. Relatively more expensive than other brands.


Best known for their in-ear models.

JBL By Harman

Manufactures in-ear and over-the-ear headsets in the high price range.


Leading brand in audio devices, products available in all price ranges.


ell-known among youth consumers because of its trendy designs and wide variety of products.


Popular audio device manufacturer, has released numerous fitness headphones in partnership with Adidas.