A handbag is probably the most important accessory for a woman and buying the right one is crucial. Here are some tips to help you with process.

Things To Consider

Versatility Is Key

The odds are pretty good that you’re going to want to purchase a handbag that works well with your more casual outfits as well as your more business focused or formal outfits, too. The more versatility your new handbag features the more flexible it will be with your fashion choices.

Set Your Budget Early

Even the top designers and brands in the handbag world have options available at nearly every price point. It’s a good idea to set your budget early so that you don’t find yourself spending a lot more when you originally intended to only “window shop” those more expensive options.

Straps Or Strapless?

This is another big piece of the puzzle that won’t just determine how the handbag looks it also how it feels and how it functions. MAC this out of the park and you’ll have nothing to worry about going forward.

Picking The Right Type

“It” Bags

These are the hottest new bags on the market today, brand-new fashions and brand-new styles that get shaken up every season.

Work Bags

These are flexible handbags that you can take with you to the office as well as on more casual occasions. There usually a bit bigger to handle more storage, though, and aren’t ideally suited to formal events.

Crossbody Bags

These bags give you a lot of extra storage and are designed for time off the clock or when you need to carry quite a bit home from the office.


Not really handbags in the traditional sense, clutches are most commonly used during more formal occasions when you aren’t going to be bringing everything in the kitchen sink with you but still want something cute to carry your essentials.

Features To Consider


You’ll obviously want to get your hands on new handbags that go well with your style, your attitude, and your overall aesthetic. Shoot for something a little more flexible and a little more versatile and you’ll never feel bad about adding it to your collection.

Fake Versus Real

There are a lot of counterfeit options out there on the market right now, particularly for the hotter and more expensive brands. Be on the lookout for counterfeits before you hand over any of your hard earned money.


While leather remains the gold standard for almost every luxury handbag out there, plenty of other materials are starting to be used as well. Some of them are more humane, some of them are more environmentally conscious, and some of them are even made from recyclable materials.

Best Brands

Louis Vuitton

It’s impossible to talk about handbags (especially luxury and designer handbags) without bringing up this company, the company that really started the modern handbag popularity craze.


Gucci is starting to experience a real resurgence in commercial popularity with these days, even though it has always been regarded as one of the top end luxury fashion houses on the planet. They make some of the best and bags money can buy.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade has left an indelible mark on the female fashion world, a trendsetter and innovator in every sense of the word. Her handbags continue to be ranked amongst the very best of the best ever made.