Buying the right foundation can literally make or break your face. Here are some tips to help you find and buy the best possible foundation for your face.

Things To Consider

Undertone Is Critical

Subtle shade differences will have a huge impact on whether or not your makeup looks natural or unnatural in different lighting conditions. Understand your undertones before purchasing a foundation.


It’s also important to think about the amount of coverage you are going to get out of your foundation. Someone total coverage and others want a bit more transparency, so think about that before purchasing your makeup.

What’s In The Formula?

The ingredients that make up your cosmetic foundation will make or break the rest of your skincare routine, heavily impacting not only how your makeup comes out looking but also how it feels and wears on your face throughout the day.

Picking The Right ModelType


Some of the most popular foundation options on the market today are liquid foundations that come in tubes or bottles. They are easy to apply, easy to blend, and easy to use though overusing them can happen pretty easily, too.


Powder foundations can be finicky to use without a lot of experience but if you’re willing to master the learning curve here you get a lot more flexibility, a lot more utility, and a lot more control over the finished look than you would have otherwise.


Cream foundations are a bit of a hybrid between liquid options and powder options, featuring the best of both worlds. Those with dry skin are going to want to trend more towards cream foundations than anything else.

Features To Consider

How Does This Fit In Your Skincare Routine?

All of your cosmetics should “play nicely” with the rest of your skincare routine, helping you to combat any of the skincare issues you’re looking to resolve rather than simply masking them. Look for foundations that support acne control and hydrating your skin.

What Is Your Skin Type?

It’s also important that you find a foundation that is perfect for your skin type. Adding a liquid foundation to oily skin can wreak havoc as far as blemishes are concerned whereas a powder or cream might be just the ticket.

Coverage Is Critical

With options that range from light coverage to medium coverage to full coverage you’ll want to consider getting a handful of different foundation options that give you the versatility you need to pull off the perfect look you’re after.

Best Brands

Estée Lauder

One of the most legendary names in the world of cosmetics, this company has been around for decades but continues to put out top-quality foundation options (and other makeup products) still today.


This is a more modern cosmetics company than Estée Lauder for sure, with options available on the market right now that are cutting-edge and leading the charge in the cosmetics as skincare movement.

Tom Ford

Believe it or not, a company that started off as almost exclusively interested in menswear has now been making some of the best cosmetics for women. There foundation is well worth looking into.