There are many sites that offer deals on flights but are you really getting the price for the seat? Here are some tips to help you pick the right seat for the right price. 

Which Class


Food and refreshments are rated subpar by many flyers across all coach offers in any airline.

Entertainment, seating, and fare transparency are generally rated poor.

Comfort and legroom might be limited to accommodate more passengers.

Cabin and restroom cleanliness are less than satisfactory.


Generally more satisfying than other classes.

Hot towels, table linens, fully reclining seats, and top notch in-flight entertainment are common among airlines.

Some airlines offer hors ’d oeuvres, wines, champagnes, and other sophisticated and expensive items on their menu.

Some airlines still scored low on cabin and restroom cleanliness.

Getting Affordable Fare

Online Research

Some websites and online services offer tickets for cheaper prices compared to airline websites.

Consider Airport Options

Flying from certain airports could cost cheaper. Check fares for different air ports for the best deals.

Check Dates

Lower prices and promos fall on certain dates, so try to move your schedule to fit cheaper fares.

Promo Codes

Frequent flyers can avail of special promo codes that can give anywhere between 10 and 50% off.

Schedule Your Scout

Every Tuesday at 3 P.M., airline websites and other air fare retailers offer lower rates across all flights.

Best Rated Airlines


Ranked highest in coach flights. Provides higher comfort and legroom than other airlines.


Ranked high for staff service, check-in process, and fee disclosure.

Alaska Airlines

Also did well on user ratings, but ranked relatively lower in the entertainment category.

Hawaiian Airlines

Scored high overall.

Virgin America

Ideal for first-class travel.