Before buying a pair of eyeglasses, learn what you can about eyeglasses features like lenses, frames, and coatings by visiting eyeglass specialist websites and reading more about specific products. Here are some more tips to help you buy the right pair.

Things To Consider

Buy Online

If you’re certain about your prescription, buy glasses online through eyewear specialty websites that can deliver single-vision glasses straight to your doorstep.


Discuss your glasses with your doctor and ask for recommendations on add-on features available to you.

Compare Options

Find the lowest price by taking note of the frame information and locating it at different stores and websites. You can also opt to buy cheap frames online and have lenses made at a discount store for bigger savings.

Contact for Product Defects and Problems

Defects are usually replaced with no added fee. In cases of preference, stores will replace frames at no cost. Eyeglasses that are purchased online can be adjusted at a shop but charges may apply.

Shopping Tips

Find a Reputable Retailer

Look up reviews and ratings for eyeglass stores online to get a better idea of the service they provide. Transact only with reputable stores to save yourself from a bad deal.

Understand the Warranty

If damage or defects that require replacement occur, your warranty should tell you what the store will repair or replace without extra cost.

Insurance Coverage

Ask if the store accepts your insurance coverage to save up on expenses. If a store does not accept your coverage, your insurance provider should reimburse you for the cost.

Opt to Buy Two

If your budget allows it, buy a second pair on a good deal to have a ready spare in case you break the first.