Most people looking to workout at home are going to start their home gym with an exercise bike. Here are some tips to help you pick the right exercise bike for you.

Things To Consider

Exercise Bikes Are Better Than Running

While running is a great way to work out, exercise bikes are easier on the knees and also strengthen legs, hips, and glutes better than running.

Two Kinds Of Exercise Bikes Exist

Upright exercise bikes look like regular bicycles, whereas recombinant bikes have back support like a chair. Find the right one for your needs.

Prices Vary Wildly

You can pick up a brand-new exercise bike for anywhere between $200 and $2000. More expensive exercise bikes usually have more features, but that does not mean that they are necessarily better pieces of exercise equipment.

Picking The Right Model

Outline Expectations In Advance

It will be impossible for you to find the right exercise bike without outlining your expectations. Choose a bike based on your current and anticipated fitness levels as well as the room you have to spare for this equipment.

Comfort Is Everything

Be sure to choose an exercise bike that is comfortable enough for regular use. If it isn’t comfortable, you won’t use it. No bells and whistles will entice you to use an exercise bike that is painful to work out with.

Purchase Exercise Bikes With Great Warranty

Try to find an exercise bike that has at least a three year warranty on all major moving parts. A 12 month warranty for labor is a great bonus.

Features To Look For

Different Features For Different People

Not all features are created equal. Choose features that you’ll actually use and features that help you get a better quality workout.

Resistance Exercise Bikes Are Great

Exercise bikes that provide extra resistance are good for strength training but can also be used to burn fat faster.

Programmable Workouts Are A Plus

The ability to custom tailor your workouts to your ideal results is significant. Look for exercise bikes that allow you to create your own workouts.

Heads Up Display

Look for an exercise machine display that provides you instant access to your workout information. It should be uncluttered and easy to use.

Heart Rate Monitors Are A “Must-Have”

These solutions let you track your heart rate and let you know when you’re in the “fat burning zone”.

Safety First

Exercise bikes should be completely safe to use, even when you are working out hard with them. Children should be kept away from these potentially dangerous pieces of equipment.