elliptical machines

Elliptical machines mimic running but eliminate the harsh impact on your knees and lower body. 30 minutes on an elliptical can burn up to 300 cal. Here are some tips to help you find the best one.

Things To Consider

No Such Thing As “One Size Fits All”

Elliptical machines vary from model to model. Some are relatively inexpensive while others can cost $4000 or more.

Look For A Lifetime Warranty

Exercise equipment is going to break. Purchase exercise machines that you don’t have to spend extra money on. Always get a lifetime warranty.

Safety Features Are Great

Invest in safety features that let you train without risk of injury. Keep children off of elliptical machines.

More Expensive Ellipticals Are Usually Better

Not only are they more feature-rich but more expensive ellipticals are usually better made and more solidly built.

Size Is Everything

Most ellipticals are about 6 feet long and close to 3 feet wide. Make sure your ceiling is tall enough as well.

Extra Features are a bonus

A dock for your iPhone, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and other features are usually worth paying extra for.

Shopping Tips

Research, Research, Research!

Don’t purchase elliptical machines or exercise equipment on a whim. Do you research and really think about whether you need one.

Stick To Your Budget

Do your best to stick to your budget. You’ll find ellipticals at every price between $100 and $5000 or more.

Focus On Key Features

Don’t just purchase and elliptical because it has bells and whistles you will never use.

Think About The Space You Have Available

Exercise equipment will eat up floor space. Consider your options before making a purchase.

How Much Is Shipping?

If ordering online make sure that you can afford shipping and that it doesn’t make a great deal a not so hot bargain after all.

Try Before You Buy

If you get the chance, try out elliptical machines in person before you order them.

Features To Look For

Preprogrammed Exercises

Some of the best elliptical machines include preprogrammed exercises you can use right away. You should be able to preprogrammed your own exercises as well.

Fitness Tracking Features Are A Must

Heart rate monitors, calorie burning calculators, mileage trackers, and other fitness features help you get results faster.

Ergonomics Are Important

You won’t use an elliptical machine you don’t feel comfortable on. Look for one that is ergonomic so you can work out regularly.

Best Brands

Fitness Quests

Manufacturers of New Balance treadmills many of them are sold through infomercials and cost less than $1000.

Horizon Fitness

The second largest seller of ellipticals today, they have 17% of the market share and usually offer mid ranged priced options.


This fitness equipment manufacturer sells almost exclusively through infomercials and they command high price tags.


This bicycle manufacturer licenses Nautilus equipment and sells their branded ellipticals through the mail, online, and to high-end fitness centers and stores.

Icon Health & Fitness

The big dog in the industry. They own and distribute most of the big brands in the elliptical business and command 70% of the market.