ebook readers

Kindle, Kobo or Nook? There are other options on the market as well, but there are some tips to help the best ebook reader for you and your family.

Things To Consider

E-Book Applications

Devices other than e-book readers can open e-book file formats, but are less optimized for reading.

Cost of E-Books

Prices vary, but many are offered for free. More expensive varieties are sold at up to $30.

Loading E-Books

E-books can be loaded into an e-book reader either through direct download, or via connection with a computer.

Other Content

Digital copies of magazines and newspapers are also available for viewing on e-book readers.

Features To Consider


Ranges from 5 inches to 10 inches. 6 inch screens are large enough for comfortable reading, but are still small enough to easily tote.

Screen Capabilities

E-ink screens are ideal for users who intend to use their reader strictly for e-books. Book light necessary for dim environments. LCDs can properly display magazines and newspapers, but limits battery life.


WiFi connectivity makes downloading directly to a reader possible, and are less costly.


Speed of wakeup from sleep, battery life, page turn speed, and readability are all important performance features that need to be assessed based on preference.

Best Brands


Amazon’s Kindle comes in various models with different connectivity options, sizes, and light features.

Barnes and Noble

The Nook is available in WiFi only e-ink version, and LCD WiFi color versions that come in 2 different sizes.


Has its own dedicated bookstore. LCD Wifi tablets also available.