dress shoes

With so many different dress you options to pick and choose from you’ll want to find one that perfectly matches your personal style and aesthetic as well as one that goes well with the wardrobe you will pair it with. Here are some tips to help you pick the right pair.

Things To Consider


It’s possible to get your hands on dress shoes that cost $50 or so as well as to pay $5000 or more for truly one-of-a-kind footwear options. Set your budget ahead of time.


Dress shoes in particular should fit like a second skin, better than tennis shoes, athletic shoes, and winter boots. Have your feet properly sized before you shop for dress shoes.

Picking The Right Type


Similar to Oxford dress shoes, though a bit more modern, these shoes were a hybrid between Oxford shoes and hunting boots that were popular in the 1850s.

Monk Strap

Traditionally worn by monks, these are a lace list dress you that are quite a bit more formal than the Derby option but significantly less formal than oxfords are.


These dress shoes became incredibly popular in the 1800s amongst college students, especially those that were studying at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. These are the most traditional “dress shoes” people conjure up when they imagine this kind of footwear.

Features To Consider

Toe Style

After choosing the specific type of dress shoes you want moving forward it’s time to settle on the right toe shape. Plain toe, cap toe, wingtips, medallions, apron toes, and split toe options are just some of the choices you’ll have to shakeup the way your new dress shoes look.


Brogue originally started out as a design choice that allowed water out of shoes when individuals were crossing moist and wet terrain, but today they are more of an artistic and aesthetic embellishment. You’ll have an option to go with different styles – or no brogueing at all – depending on your interest.

Off-The-Shelf Or Custom-Made

Most people purchase dress shoes “off-the-shelf” but some are willing to spend a bit more to have custom shoes made for their feet specifically. Visiting a cobbler and having shoes created for you is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience but it is always going to cost a lot more than off-the-shelf shoes ever will.

Best Brands

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds makes a variety of different dress you options available in a variety of different styles, leathers, and other materials but also offers semi custom shoes that are a hybrid between off-the-shelf and completely custom options.


This UK shoe company makes very well fitting, very comfortable dress shoes in a distinctly British style and aesthetic compared to some of the other options out there.

Johnston & Murphy

Another top-tier dress shoe manufacturer for those that want dress shoes that will last and last, these rank amongst the best dress shoes on the market as far as workmanship and durability are concerned.