Be prepared to spend anywhere between $250-$2000 on a dishwasher depending on your needs and budget. Here are some tips to help you make a better purchase decision.

Things To Consider


Adjustable racks, numerous flatware slots, and dedicated utensil and cup racks make for easier operation and higher convenience.

Eliminate Pre Rinsing

Because some models use a sensor to check the filth in the water to determine how it needs to clean the items, pre-rinsing could cause a poor clean.


Drawer dishwashers can be made to match the rest of your kitchen.


Usually, dishwashers measure 24 by 24 inches, but it’s important to measure your allotted space nonetheless. Ask for other sizes if you find a discrepancy.

Picking The Right Model


Usually fall within $250 to $600, offer straightforward performance and less convenience. Clean just as well as more expensive models, but generate more noise and might not be able to fit bigger pieces.

High End

Can cost anywhere between $700 and $2,000 or more, premium models are able to accommodate more pieces and generate little to no noise. Commonly fitted with stainless steel tubs.

Features To Look For

Soil Sensors

Determine how dirty the dishes are and matches cleaning time and water use to properly clean items.


Some dishwashers allocate a specific portion of the racks for heavily soiled items for a more efficient clean.

Adjustable Racks and Loading Aids

This allows you to adjust the interior of the washer to better fit kitchenware, especially larger pieces.


Budget variants are easier on the pocket but louder to operate. High end models produce much less noise.

Rinse and Hold

Allows users to rinse loaded plates and keep them from developing an odor until ready for a full load.

Special Wash Cycle

Pre-loaded settings that adjust cleaning time and thoroughness to match the dirtiness of the loaded kitchenware.


Keep wash water clean and free of contaminants that could dirty up loaded kitchenware.

Heated Dry

Some models come equipped with a heated fan to better dry washed items.

Best Brands


Claims to manufacture the quietest washers in the high end scale.


Available at major merchants, washers prices range from $300 to $800.


Largest brand of dishwashers, prices vary from $300 to $1,600.


Develops and manufactures washers in the middle price range.


Efficient at saving energy, but comes at a steep cost.