digital cameras

Whether you need some pictures for that latest Instagram or just want to capture the essence of your latest vacation, picking the perfect digital cameras is not easy. Here are some tips to help you out.

Things To Consider

Memory Cards

Make sure you’re okay with the memory card capacity.

Checking your Weight and Size

In terms of determining your ideal size and weight, you will want to keep in mind your needs with the camera.

External Flashes

With hot shoes, consider purchasing an external flash.

Carrying Case

Consider buying a bag to store and protect your camera.

Additional Lenses

With certain models, you want to make sure you are purchasing something that works with the lenses you plan to utilize.

Considering your Controls

Make sure you are comfortable with the way in which the controls are laid out.

Picking The Right Model

Basic Point-and-shoot

These are straightforward, portable, affordable cameras.

Water-proof Point-and-shoot

If you are concerned about water causing damage or complete destruction to your camera, you may want to consider these cameras.

Advanced Point-and-shoot

These cameras offer manual controls and numerous advanced features.

Super-zoom Point-and-shoot

These cameras are ideal for those who need to utilize tight close-ups.


These models can work with interchangeable lenses, and they are more lightweight and portable.


These cameras offer a number of features, and they can work with a variety of lenses.

Features To Look For

Sensor Sizes

If quality is important to you, then you are going to want to opt for the biggest sensor you can possibly find.

Flash Type

Some cameras allow you to adjust your flash type.

Optical Zoom

Although the cheapest lenses usually go up to 3X, tasks such as sports photography will want to consider zooms along the lines of 24X.


This feature allows you to shoot in ultra HD or 4K.

Best Brands


This popular brand offers a wide range of point-and-shoot models.


This brand tends to offer impressive models at extremely affordable prices.


These budget-friendly models are ideal for thrifty consumers.


Their high-end SLRs are just one example of the various types of cameras offered through this brand.


Optical stabilization and an intelligent ISO are two essential features to their cameras.