Equip your kitchen with at least one piece of each cookware and don’t buy more than you need. Here are some tips to help you buy the perfect cookware set for your home.

Things To Consider

Match with Your Cooktop

Some cookware work best with specific kinds of cooktops. Smoothtop ranges require flat pans, induction cookers work best with magnetic stainless steel.

Technical Terms

Pre-seasoned pans are coated with wax to keep rust from developing during storage. Hard-coat anodized means soft pure aluminum was hardened for the surface.

Get a Feel

Get a feel of your options and see how heavy they are, whether the handles are easy to grasp, and if they seem sturdy enough for the kind of use you expect.

Oven Safe

Cookwares that are oven safe should be inspected for silicone handles which can only withstand certain temperatures.

Picking The Right Type

Nonstick Pans

Easier to clean, requires less oil, but easy to scratch and less capable of producing a golden brown color on food.

Cast Iron

Keeps contents warm for extended periods of time, uncoated versions are hard to clean, cooks unevenly.

Features To Look For

Glass Lid

Allows users to see the condition of food during cooking without the need to lift the lid and risk having steam or oil escape the cookware.


Stainless steel pots can discolour in just a 30 minutes, which means they might cause harmful changes to food.


Metal handles can be used in ovens Plastic handles aren’t intended for higher temperatures and can break with wear.

Celebrity Chef Recommendation

This does not guarantee the quality of cookware. Look into other features to get the best value for money.

Best Brands


Nonstick cookware both in and out of the cooking surface. Widely available through major merchants nationwide.


Middle to high price range, offers a wide selection of cookware in all materials and varieties.


From the makers of Anolon, also available widely through major home product specialty stores.


Offer ceramin cookware on top of their traditional metal variants.


Affordable compared to other options, available for purchase at major department stores and select retailers.