Finding the best computer monitor has become more challenging due to the multitude of great choices to pick from. Technology is also changing rapidly so finding the right monitor today is important. Here are some tips to help you pick the right one.

Things To Consider

Prices Are Falling Across The Board

Even the biggest and most technologically advanced monitors are cheaper today than ever before. 24 inch LED HUD monitors ago for $200 regularly.

Widescreen Is Almost Always Better

Widescreen displays provide extra real estate, higher resolutions, and improve productivity. 19 inch widescreen monitors are the minimum you should shoot for.

Do You Need A New Monitor?

First figure out if you even need a new monitor. Those using outdated technology will want to upgrade, as will those looking for more real estate, higher resolutions, and better efficiency.

Go Big Or Go Home

Look to purchase the biggest monitor you can afford. This isn’t the kind of purchase you will be making all that frequently.

Picking The Right Model

Numerous Types Of Computer Monitors Exist

LED, LCD, progressive scan, and many other types of computer monitors exist on the market today. Some are built for productivity, others for gaming, and many handle anything you throw at them.

Size Matters

The smallest computer monitor you’ll find available for sale brand-new today is likely to be 17 inches. 19 inch monitors are the norm, 22 inch monitors are popular, and larger than 24 inch monitors are going to give you a lot of extra real estate to work with.

Features To Look For

Resolution Is Everything

The higher the resolution of your monitor the crisper the images will be. Look for widescreen monitors that offer at least 1920 x 1200 for a resolution.


HDMI and its variants are the universal standard for computer monitors today, though many still use DVI or VGA connections as well. Try to shoot for HDMI connections if possible.

Effortless Adjustments

Choose computer monitors that can be effortlessly adjusted on the fly.

Some Extras Add Value

Powered USB hubs, microphone and headphone ports, integrated speakers, and WebCams are all extras that add value to quality computer monitor options today.

Color And Contrast

Try to find computer monitors that can accurately represent and reproduce color as they are in the “real world”. This will make your computer experience that much better.

Touchscreens Are Great

Computer monitors with built-in touchscreens are becoming more affordable today. They offer a lot of extra functionality that you won’t want to ignore.

Response Time

The faster the response time the smoother your videos or games will be.

Glossy or Matte Finish?

Some are going to want a glossy finish that produces deeper and brighter colors, whereas others will want a matte finish for increased productivity.

Best Brands


Responsible for producing top-notch gaming monitors, this company is owned by Dell.


Beautiful monitors that blend aesthetics and function perfectly.


Chinese manufacturer focused on producing top quality products at entry-level prices.


Their 27 inch monitors are full-featured and exceptional. They are prized by graphic designers all over the world.


Described as the most innovative company in the computer hardware and computer monitor industries.