coffee machine

Do you need a big barista machine or Nespresso  pod machine to make great coffee? Here are some tips to help you pick the best coffee maker for your lifestyle and your needs.

Things To Consider

How Many Cups?

Keeping in mind that a typical cup of coffee is around five to six ounces, choose a coffee maker that will give you the number of cups you’ll need.

How Often?

If you drink coffee throughout the day, consider insulated mugs or carafe.


For early-morning convenience, consider a coffee maker with an automatic “on” switch.


Make sure you keep your counter space free.

Picking The Right Model


Automatic drip machines tend to be the ones you’ll come across the most often.


These coffee makers frequently involve forcing water through small packets, also known as pods.

1-2 Mug Drip

Available in drip or pod models, these coffee makers are designed to make smaller amounts of coffee.


Somewhat different from conventional drip machines, specialty coffee makers often utilize a process similar to a French press.

Features To Look For


Most coffee makers give you the ability to pull the carafe away, without causing coffee to spill everywhere.


This feature can be found with models that keep the coffee nice and hot inside in the machine, as opposed to dispensing the coffee into a mug or carafe.

Brew Strength

This feature is designed to give you control over the strength of your brew.

Built-in Grinder

For those who enjoy grinding their own beans, this feature can prove to be absolutely essential.


Certain models can tell you when it’s time to clean your machine. Others still can even tell you when to clean your brewing mechanism with water and vinegar.

Water Filters

Although this feature is designed to deal with odors and weird-tasting coffee, you will want to make sure you clean the filter on a regular basis, in order to avoid bacteria.