cat food

Meeting your cat’s food needs is important for any cat owner. Here are some tips to help you pick the best food for your cat.

Things To Consider

Find A Reliable Pet Store

While grocery stores do sell cat food, a better bet is to shop for what you need at a store specifically for pets. Remember that you can also shop for cat food online.

Which Type Of Cat Food Is Best?

Keep in mind that most cats benefit best from both dry and wet food. Each come with certain benefits.

Avoid The Cheap Stuff

Cheaper cat food can be tempting but cheap brands often add filler and other unwanted ingredients. This can not only endanger their health over time, but it cancels out the money-saving element.

Avoid Vague Ingredients

Clearly-stated meats and other ingredients are what you want. Terms like “meat and bone meal” and “animal digest” should be avoided at all costs.

Picking The Right Food Type

Dry Food

Most vets agree that dry cat food is fine. It has the benefit of being cheaper, and it is also considerably more convenient for the owner. Pay attention to ingredients.

Raw Food

Some cat owners believe raw food is the best way to feed their cats. You can choose to make your own, consisting of bone, meat, and various organs, or you can purchase it at a specialty store.

Canned Food

With canned cat food, the odds are better that you’re going to give your cat the strongest possible range of nutrients, vitamins, and everything else they need. Wet food also comes with the advantage of giving cats moisture.

Other Factors To Consider

The Value Of Variety

Alternating between kibble and canned cat food serves two major purpose. It doesn’t just make certain that your cat is getting the nutrition it needs. Variety, not just in types, but in brands, also ensures your cat will never get bored with what they eat.


The American Association of Feed Control can help you figure out which cat food brands are best avoided. Learn more about them.


Like humans, cats can develop food allergies over time.

Best Brands

Blue Buffalo

A massive manufacturer of pet food with a good reputation for healthy options for cats.


Among other things, this company makes Prescription Diet and Science Diet options for cats.

Mars Petcare

Responsible for some of the most popular brands in the world, including Pedigree.


Known for the popular Purina line.

Diamond Pet Foods

Proteins and probiotics are among the elements that make up Diamond Pet Foods products.