A device used for capturing images, camcorders are like digital cameras but they’re mostly used for recording videos with light imaging sensors. Here are some tips to help you pick the right one.

Things To Consider

Kinds of Camcorders

Bigger camcorder models are still generally lightweight, easy to tote, and jam packed with features. Some of the smaller models are intended for travel and feature much more robust bodies.

Action Cameras

Ideal for users who want to record images and video while performing outdoor sports and activities. Many come with waterproof cases or bodies, and mounting accessories for helmets and other holding devices.

Bigger Models

Highly versatile, full-size digital camcorders allow an entire host of different features and customizing options. Usually, they come equipped with 10x+ optical zoom.


Flash memory is the most common storage type across all camcorder models. Capacity may vary from model to model.

Picking The Right Model

Budget Friendly

Budget friendly camcorders can record HD at 1280x720 or 1920x1080


4K camcorders are the latest innovation and capture a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels.

Features To Look For

Digital Zoom

This can extend range to 400x or greater depending on model, but image quality usually has to take a backseat.

Full-Auto Switch

Allows point-and-shoot ease of recording by adjusting settings to suit your surroundings best.


Offers 4 times the resolution of high powered model. Provides the best image quality among all variants, but can be pricey.

Flip Out Display

More common among full-size models than action cams, this allows users to view images on the display from virtually any angle. Screen sizes vary depending on model.

Image Stabilizer

Limits the shaking movements of hands or the surface where the camcorder is resting to produce clear, crisp images.

3D Capability

Some models are capable of capturing 3D images by capturing multiple shots in different angles of the same subject.

Build in USB Cord

Eliminates the need for a separate cord, some models have a special compartment along the body for cord storage.


More common among high end models, saves battery life.

Best Brands


Vixia high-definition WiFi capable camcorders are known for their superior performance.


Manufactures a wide range of action cams and other accessories that are ideal for outdoor use.


Limited selection, offers camcorders in the low to middle price range.


Vast assortment of different recording products with some models featuring WiFi connectivity for Live Monitoring on a paired smart phone.


Leading brand when it comes to camcorders, offers the widest selection among all other competitors. One of the few to manufacture the 4K camcorder for consumer use.