Depending on how often you intend to use your bike, where you plan to ride it, and what you plan to ride it for, your choice of bike should suit your needs. Here are some tips to help you out.

Things To Consider

Locate a Reputable Shop

Get personalized service and better chances of snagging the right bike at a reputable bike shop.

Refrain from Cheap Deals

Unless you plan to use your bike very minimally, buy as much bike as your budget will allow to guarantee safety and quality.

Test Before Purchase

Ride your selected bike before riding it to determine its level of comfort and ease of use.

Buy Protective Gear

A helmet and some elbow and knee pads will make for a safe bike ride. Protective eyewear can help keep dirt and insects out of your eyes for an unobstructed view.

Picking The Right Bike Type

Comfort Bikes

Used for casual biking on well paved, smooth, even roads. Can be difficult to ride on rough terrain and inclined paths.

Road Bikes

Ideal for road cyclists, allows a bent over position that speeds up a rider’s pace. Tends to be uncomfortable especially for riders who aren’t used to the posture.

Mountain Bikes

Robust and durable, able to ride on virtually any type of terrain. But tend to be bulky and heavy, making them difficult to tote.

Fitness Bikes

Affordable relative to road bikes, designed for use on even roads and trails. Commonly used for travelling to work or school. Less aerodynamic than road bikes, making them slower and heavier to ride.

Features To Look For


Brakes come in different types and mechanisms. Disc brakes are ideal for those who want to ensure minimal damage to wheels when braking on an abrasive surface.


Determines the gears available in a bike. Chain rings multiplied by sprockets in the rear cassette will identify the number of speeds.


Narrow seats with minimal cushion allow greater ease when maneuvering and peddling. Wide seats with more padding are designed for casual riding.


Twist shifters and trigger shifters work to achieve the same function, but operate on different mechanisms. Choose one that suits your preference to ensure comfort and safety while riding.


Can be replaced to suit the rider’s comfort. High-rise bars are most common, however road bikes use drop bars to improve the aerodynamics.


A helmet, pads, protective eyewear, cleats, and a water bottle all make a safe, comfortable, and convenient bike ride and minimize the chances of serious injuries in the event of a crash.

Best Brands


Manufactures a wide array of different bikes and is available through specialty shops and dealers.


Giant has developed bikes for all categories that are offered at a wide range of prices to suit every kind of budget.


Trek offers a wide array of bikes in different categories at mid-range and high-end prices, available for purchase at specialty stores and dealers nationwide.


Raleigh is a common bike brand available nationwide, serving up different types of bikes including mountain, road, track, youth, and fitness bikes.


Manufactures and retails bikes for all categories, including children’s bikes. Widely available nationwide.