baby monitors

There are many options and brands that parents can pick from when looking for a baby monitoring camera. Here are some tips to help you pick the best one.

Things To Consider

Digital or Analog

Digital provides encoded signals, which is safer.


Digital signals can still get crossed with other wireless entities, so try changing the channel on the monitor or router. If all else fails, keep everything else as far away from the monitor as you can.

Return Policy

Make sure your monitor includes a comprehensive return policy.

Home & Lifestyle

Consider not only the size of your home, but your day-to-day routine, as well.

Picking The Right Model

Audio Only

The best audio monitors will offer a combination of lights and sounds, and they are usually one of the more affordable baby monitor options.


These monitors are going to have signals encoded, as they travel between your monitor and your receiver.

Video & Audio

With these monitors, you will be able to transmit video, in addition to being able to transmit audio.


You can even find a wireless network monitor, which provides comprehensive features, can sync up to your smartphone, and works with your existing WiFi network.

Features To Consider

Frequency Bands

Try to look for baby monitors that are going to avoid crossing signals with the other wireless products in your home.


This feature includes color LCD video screens, but remember that screen size can vary from one product to the next.

Temp Sensors

Adjustable sensors can allow you to monitor temps in the baby’s room.

Motion/Sound Sensors

Certain products work at filtering out the normal sounds/motions, with the receiver only cutting on in the event of unusual noises/sounds.


Make sure you purchase a monitor that features a robust battery life, as many models suffer from rapid burnout.


The infrared/night vision feature allows you to keep an eye on your baby, even when they are sleeping in a dark room.


This typical feature uses lights that turn on when the child makes noises.

Low Battery Indicators

With this useful feature, you can always know when the battery is getting low. Extra Receivers: An extra receiver allows you to easily keep tabs on your child.

Best Brands


This San Francisco company allows you to watch your kids, your pets, or even your entire home/office.


Video baby monitors and color-changing portable night lights are just a few of their products.


This enormously popular children’s brand offers a variety of monitors.


In addition to other juvenile/baby products, Graco also sells baby monitors.


This massive brand offers numerous monitors for babies.