All baby bathtubs have been designed to be lightweight, compact, and portable and can be used most anywhere. There is a lot of baby bathtubs to pick and choose from but not all of them are safe or effective. Here are some tips.

Things To Consider

Safety Is Everything

Regardless of the baby bathtub you purchase, you have to be with your child every second when they are taking a bath. Never leave them alone.

Six Months or Younger

If you are dealing with a newborn you need to support their head and neck and keep them in a slightly upright position while you wash them.

Toddlers Get The Convertible

When your child reaches toddler ages, they can use “convertible” bathtubs. The next step after this is a traditional bathtub.

Bathtubs That Fit In Sinks Are Useful

When your child is an infant you’ll want to avoid back pain by washing your baby while standing up. If they’ll still fit in the bathroom or kitchen sink, find a tub that works.

Purchase “60 Second” Baby Bathtubs

New babies are going to be afraid of baths at first and can be startled. Purchase a baby bathtub that allows you to get them in and out quickly.

Six Months Or Older

After six months you’ll be able to move your baby into a bigger bathtub, including those that can fit in full-size bathtubs for effortless convenience.

Fold Up Bathtubs Won’t Last Long

Baby bathtubs that fold up for convenience are usually so small that they are only really useful for six months.

Don’t Get Sucked In By Bells & Whistles

Safety is paramount. Whirlpool spas and other elaborate baby bathtubs seem like a good idea but usually aren’t. Don’t buy features that you won’t use.

Picking The Right Model

Basic Infant Tubs

Feature a sloped interior so that the baby is inclined during the bath. They are almost always made of foam to avoid slipping and improves comfort.

Tubs with Mesh Slings

Features and internal nylon mesh sling that cradles newborn babies while they bathe. Some of these bathtubs feature rods that can keep newborns still, but they may not be the safest option.

Collapsible To Use In Adult Tub

Also able to be folded up for easy storage, these baby bathtubs are a lot like a cradle and fit into a kitchen or bathroom sink (as well as traditional bathtubs).


Engineered to grow as your child does. Perfect for infants, but large enough to handle older children with ease.

Sink or Tub Sling Inserts

Most commonly made out of fabric, they are a lot like bouncy seats designed for young children. They keep babies in the inclined position while bathing, but do not include the whole bathtub.

Spa tubs

Battery-operated tubs that create swirling water and bubbles. Usually not considered all that safe for younger children and should probably be avoided.

Features To Look For

Wash Time & Playtime

The best way to get your baby excited about bathing is to make sure that they have fun.

Drain With An Attached Plug

Makes it a lot easier to empty a baby bathtub in a hurry.

Temperature Indicator

Lets you know the exact temperature of the water in the bath so that it’s never too hot or too cold.

Hooks and Handles

Also makes storage effortless.

Contoured Design with Padded Lining

These are best at keeping babies from sliding around and are more comfortable than hard plastic.


Allows you to effortlessly store your baby bathtub.

Smooth Overhanging Rim

You won’t have to worry about your baby getting scratched on the side of a rough or square bathtub.

Nonskid Surface

Keeps your baby from wiggling around and getting hurt.

Best Brands


A well-known company offering all kinds of baby products, this company has been around since the 1930s and can always be trusted to offer top-notch products.


A relatively new company established in 2007, they started off in Europe but are now making products available all over the world and some of the biggest retailers in history.

Safety 1st

Based out of Foxboro, Massachusetts, this company produces baby bathtubs and other products that are focused on the safety of the child first and foremost.

Summer Infant

After designing a baby bouncing seat for his daughter in 1985 the founder of this company started producing different baby products over time, including some of the best baby bathtubs.

The First Years

Available wherever children’s products are sold, this company offers baby bathtubs and other products for every stage of life.

A Real Cool World

A Danish company started out in 2006, they offer one of the best foldaway baby bathtub options available all over the world.