Make sure to research every detail of the activity center that you are looking to purchase. Go into a store and get a hands-on feel for any product to your thinking about buying.  Don’t go overboard when it comes time to purchase a baby activity center. Prices range from $50 $250 or more with expensive baby activity centers having more bells and whistles. Here are some more tips.

Things To Consider

Designed To Keep Children Safe

Useful for keeping babies safe and corralled after they become somewhat upwardly mobile.

Most Babies Outgrow It By Year 1

Your baby will likely no longer be able to use the activity center after they celebrate their first birthday.

Examine Everything Before Buying

Don’t purchase a baby activity center without examining all of its components. It should be safe, stable, and fit your budget perfectly.

Never Leave Children Unattended

No baby should be left unattended in any baby activity center, regardless of how old they are or how brief the duration is.

Safety Certifications Are Important

Try not to buy any baby activity center that doesn’t have safety certifications from independent safety organizations.

Don’t Get Tricked By Bells and Whistles

Extra features are fine if they fit your budget but are rarely worth investing extra money into.

Picking The Right Model

Seat In The Middle

These baby activity centers are the safest option and include a circular frame with a rotating seat in the middle to keep children secure.

Walk Around

These baby activity centers are for more active children and a little bit larger, but aren’t quite as portable.

Features To Look For

Helping Babies Develop

These activity centers have been designed to help your children learn, to develop better motor skills, and to encourage exploration.

Adjustable Height Enclosures

Many of the best baby activity centers are designed to grow as your baby grows. Eventually they will be too big for the activity center..

Toys Are A Great Feature

Any baby activity center that includes its own toys are usually well worth purchasing. These are great for distracting and engaging young ones.

Cushions Are Critical

If your baby is going to be spending a lot of time in this activity center they should be kept comfortable with a quality baby seat.

Be Careful With Walk Arounds

Activity centers can become walkers as children become more mobile, and they may be dangerous when used this way.

Portability Is Valuable

The more portable your activity center is the more likely you are to use it.

Best Brands

Baby Einstein

About a decade old, this business blends modern design and materials with intelligent engineering to produce great products. The Walt Disney company now owns them.


Founded back in 1930 in the beginning of the Great Depression, this company makes some of the best products for children and babies including great baby activity centers.

Bright Stars

Almost 50 years old now, a grandmother started this company before selling it to a conglomerate.

Kid Co.

In business since 1992, this company produces child, pet, and safety gates as well as other products designed to keep children and animals safe.